+ inload: Into the Breach! +

+ Spent a bit of time building over the weekend, so I've a few new marines nearly ready for paint. +

+ Really pleased with the pose on this guy. The base is Vulkan's. Can't decide whether to trim it down to 30mm, or leave it as-is. +

A new boltgun-armed marine. After some umming and ahhing, I decided to leave the Cataphract details in place on the legs. I usually trim 'em off, but I'm finding the metallic Iron Warriors scheme benefits from more detail than the Ultramarines to help accentuate tonal changes.

...and a potential Praetor/Centurion. 

I wanted to get across the dual 'not-yet-Chaos, not quite Imperial' feel; so there's a mix of Imperial Eagles and spikes/stars. He's intended to be fighting for an Imperium with Horus enthroned – that way the Iron Warriors will be forgiven for the actions on Olympia. 

Sadly (for him at least), we know that isn't how things turn out. 

Chaos is an ever-present danger for humanity in the grim darkness of the far future. It's a subtle and tempting proposition for everyone; and doubly so for those who are desperate. 

No-one can truly master Chaos. Enslavement, madness and horror accompany the power and freedom it promises.

I wanted to reflect this in the model; so alongside a furious head, he's got an inverted halo on his armour that hints at a collar. Held behind him  is an Imperial power axe, while held in front of him is a new power axe with traitor symbology such as the Eye of Horus and eight-pointed star. He's leaving his past behind, and marching unwittingly into horror.

Not quite finished yet, though additions will be fairly minor. Probably a banner, pouches etc. I really like this head, but am not sure it's quite right here. I'm sort of tempted to make his head swappable – the Mark III helm I had there earlier looked brutal, and I liked the faceless quality it gave; but equally I like the raw emotion of this desperate howl.


  1. Once again I really do love the work you are doing here. They look most impressive. The poses, the attitude... Everything!

    1. Ta very much – what are your thoughts on the head for the Praetor? Give him a lid, or keep him bare-headed?

  2. Excellent work as ever, Apologist. I especially love the imagery of the fallen halo / collar and the positioning of the two axes. :)

    Of course, as Iron Warriors, they're going to have to be destroyed. But that's another story. ;)

    1. Ha ha – I guess we'll have to wait and see on Wednesday ;)

  3. Wow! I love the bare head! It really compliments the two axes and the awesome iron halo converted collar. To me it evokes the unfettered brutality of the traitor legions that was present even before their full descent into chaos. Is that Loken's head by the way?


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