+ inload: Leg day at the Siege +

+ As I do fairly often, I'm reusing some older figures for a new project. These marines will become Iron Warriors. I was planning on simply repainting them and swapping their bolt guns and backpacks for Horus Heresy era ones. However, as I worked on them I decided I wasn't happy with them, and so started to make some changes. +

 + I'm using Procreate modelling party in order to bulk out the upper legs (they looked a bit puny to me before), along with the backs. In addition, I have trimmed the shoulder pad trims down to be narrower - very fiddly, but I think it's improving them. +

+ This detail shows how I've bulked up the inner thighs to give a more powerful appearance. +

+  In addition, I took some Grey Knight terminators and decided to practise my putty skills - go back to my roots, so to speak. I started by trimming the way extraneous detail including the hip plates,  then began to build up smooth surfaces with more Procreate. The torso on the left is a mark IV style. The legs are also mark IV. +

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