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+ Painted a bit more last night, to bring the Iron Warriors a bit further along. I have a game based loosely on Space Hulk to play tonight, so hopefully we'll see a few of these in action on this blog soon. +

+ Phalangites Eucon and Chalkaspides +

+ Not a huge amount to say about these chaps, except that they used to be Novamarines. I think the updates and alterations – new backpacks, boltguns, a combat blade in hand for Chalkaspides; and of course the additional bulking of the upper legs – has improved them a little. +

+ Phalangite Tolga, Palatarch Songul and Phalangite Munin +

+ The two on the left are similarly updated Novamarines, the third is a completely new model. While there are differences in the technique, I think the paint scheme goes a long way to binding them together. +

+ It's probably worth noting that a dark metallic scheme like this allows quite a bit of leeway in repainting – and probably hides a multitude of sins! +

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