+ inload: Continuing campaigns of the Alien Wars +

+ Requesting fire support! +

+ Further following the Lamb's Worlders around, I wanted to add some thanks to the contributions and brilliant conversions for various Guard regiments I've seen on the + Death of a Rubricist + Facebook group [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. +


+ Highside +

Circa 379.M34 Highside made contact with the outside. Hesitant at first when the bubble of reality began to break down and fragments of the greater galaxy broke through. Had the traitors won? Did the Imperium stand? 
Sadly, the genetic forces of the Geno Zweitausend, lauded and hailed as heroes on Highside, were seen as aberrants and walking visions of distrust in the Imperium of today. 
Sidelined out of the Imperial forces they remain as the PDF of Highside.

Extr. Liber Corvus – Scribator Tewarts Finlay-Dye

The Highside Reintegration Campigns were a series of hard-fought battles between Regiments loyal to the Old Imperium, who invaded the long-lost Forge World with the intention of housing settlers displaced by warfare with Nova Terra. The Highside defenders – only recently finding the world's place in the Imperium – fought the clearances bitterly amongst the highlands and rocky places of their planet.

At the core of the – eventually successful – resistance, were the Geno Zweitausend; a genetically modified elite corps that outmatched even the Lamb's World own elite Grenadier corps.

+ With thanks to Andy of Corvuspaints for the fantastic setting. I hope to feature his Highsiders as a guestinload soon. +

+ XXIX: Braxas Bree. Highside Reitegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – punjee trap +

+ XVII: Chastener Abrams Meph. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – martyred by ploughshare. +

+ XXX and XXXI: Ob Cwmbrae and Maras Fell. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – counter battery fire. +

+ XXXII and XXXIII: Zara Fanwy and Teeh Senwicce. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA unconfirmed – MIA. +

+ XXXIV: Breffy Ap Tyl. Highside Reintegration Campaigns. KIA confirmed – blood loss. +

+ LeGuin's Star campaign +

Lamb's World forces were deployed alongside the Salizar 71st and 13th during the attempted Pacification of Urras. They operated with distinction under the command of Salizarian General Lõpez. The death of the reactionary Caef-Maior Tunte early in the war saw a brevet promotion for an up-and-coming officer Rhian ap Humphrey. Her canny leadership improved relations with the Salizarian forces, and saw LeGuin's Star won for the Nova Terrans in short order. +

+ XXXV: Briony Van Dam. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Multiple bayonet wounds. +

+ XXXVI: Osc Druit. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Decapitation. +

+ XXXVI: Keel Taif. LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA unconfirmed +

+ XXXVII: Genny Isdda . LeGuin's Star campaign. KIA confirmed – Insubordiation  +

+ Chu Tzu Offensive +

The chem-swamps of Chu Tzu – a 'protectorate' of the little-known Fomor species – proved a deadly deathtrap for the Lamb's World 103rd; with the regiment suffering near total losses in the brief hours of the initial offensive. Specialists from Veet Ling and abhumans from Balzene were deployed in support, but the campaign settled into a bloody quagmire for years afterwards. Hundreds dies of swamprot and fever; but many thousands more simply vanished into the mists during patrols.

+ XXXVIII: Mothy Shirefew. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA confirmed – battlefield execution following being rendered unfit for service through limb loss. +

+ XXXIX: Bran Shummer. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA unconfirmed + 

+ XL: Mothy Shirefew. Chu Tzu Offensive. KIA unconfirmed. +

+ Camazotz War +

Fought against the Krell over the previously-Imperial world of Camazotz, the Lamb's Worlders found themselves in a good position to finish the job begun by the Stellar Steeds Chapter Astartes. Deployed in an anti-insurgency role, the Lamb's Worlders took part in only one set-piece battle, a one-sided affair that saw the herds of dominated citizenry sent across a desert plain against the long-range specialists of the Lamb's World 88th.

+  XLI: Soddo Caprig. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed – battlefield execution. +

+ XLII: Bantas Toast. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed: caught in explosion. +

+ XLIII: Capy Fenton. Camazotz War. KIA confirmed: limb loss. +

+ Neomunda +

The Lamb's World 12th Armoured Corps were deployed to the borderworld of Neomunda (formerly New Mundus; renamed following its double-secession from both Old Imperium and subsequently Nova Terran forces). A month-long three-way armoured duel began between the forces of the Old Imperium, Nova Terrans and the Neomundan's own Stalk-Brigades.

+ XLIV: Caspor Brokenspar. Neomunda. KIA confirmed – catastrophic haemorrhage +

+ XLV: Crew of the Delivery Service. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – artillery strike. +

+ XLVI: Isti Vayl, Commander of the Echo of Breakers. Neomunda. KIA – asphyxiation. +

+ XLVII: Remaining crew of the Echo of Breakers. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – unidentified cause. +

+ XLVIII: Crew of the Lamb of the God-Emperor. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – magazine detonation. +

+ XLIX: Crew of the Lovely Girl. Neomunda. Lost with all hands – boarded. +

+ L: Enders Walt. Neomunda. KIA – mass-driver strike. +

+ LI: Erun Iax. Neomunda. KIA – dehydration. +


+ inload: Lamb's World Tanks +

+ Armour +

+ 'What are you waiting for, a gilded invitation? Get in!' +

+ A recent visit to the Tank Museum down in Dorset was a huge inspiration, and caused me to get very frothy about tanks. 40k-wise, I've always been more of an infantry man, but the tank museum really showed how tanks can be varied and personalised – so I had to add some more to my Lamb's World army. +

+ Years back I bought some conversion kits for the GW Chimera, but ended up giving them to a PCRC mate, Lord Blood the Hungry. He generously gave them back to me, along with a whole pile of Elysians (cheers chum – I owe you one!). Perfect to add a mechanised element to my existing army. +

+ Along with the chimera conversion bits, I bought a Elysian Valkyrie riders set, a short-lived Forge World release. I used one of them sitting figures on Echo-118, the tank above (painted goodness knows how long ago); but now have the opportunity to put them where I'd intended to put them on purchase: inside the chimera. +

+ It's a very characterful set of figures, and I'm glad I snapped up a set when I had the chance. It's understandable that sets like this, which have little in-game purpose, tend to get crowded out by game-suitable figures. Still a shame they're out of print, though. +

+ As with all my Lamb's Worlders, they're based on Elysian figures. I trimmed away the respirators and decapitated them, replacing the heads. For these, I used a mix of Cadian FW respirator heads and some Van Saar heads, to create a nice mix. +

+ Being designed for the older Chimera kit, the third party conversion kit itself has a wonky fit. There are misalignments in anumber of places – an explanation for why can be found at Warfrog's Hobby Blog [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. I'm going to camouflage them as best I can with gap filling and stowage, rather than attempt a more serious cut-and-shut fix. Slightly disheartening, but I don't think it'll be too glaring on the table – and sometimes done is better than perfect. +

+ I'll be leaving the top of the Chimera open, and have magnetised the seated figures so they can be removed – either to add a bit of verisimilitude during a game, or simply to inspect the lovely sculpts. +

+ I'm also tempted to turn some or all of the holes in the upper hull (intended for lasguns) into portholes. This will allow more light in, and bring focus to the figures. If I do so, I think I'll keep one set of lasguns in place – perhaps representing some sort of volley gun to explain the in-game stats. + 


+ Artillery and Tanks +

+ It's not just Infantry Fighting Vehicles, though. A win on eBay saw me take ownership of a Manticore artillery piece [SCRAPSHUNTERROABORT – and not the Medusa I called it originally!]. Artillery's not something that I've used much. I had a Basilisk back in 2nd edition, but that's as far as it went. This was very much terra incognita for me. I used the same approach as for my other tanks, but left the piece more lightly weathered than the front-line tank. +

+ The ideas for the decoration – such as the manufactory code (detail third from right at the bottom of the image), came from the Tank Museum visit. I thought it'd be a fun opportunity to adds some PCRC references, so the artillery piece got the code BZOA439-NTI as a nod to Lucifer216's Forgeworld Bezoa. The NTI is meaningless in-universe, but is a real world reference to the Alien Wars project, referring to Nova Terra Interregnum. +

+ Finally, I wanted to finish off the other Leman Russ, and bought a Vanquisher turret, to fit in with the Leman Russ company I have in Epic scale (these usually have a Vanquisher as the Company Command vehicle). It'll be fun to be able to field a whole Tank platoon plus command – and perhaps give me a fighting chance against the Knights popping up in the PCRC! +

+ inload: 40k Battle report – Tensions over Neues Tremo part II +

+ This is the second part of a Warhammer 40,000 (8th edition) battle report. The first datasquirt can be found here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]

+ There are six objectives; three on each side, including one on the board edge of each player. At the end of the third or subsequent turns, a commander can claim victory if he has achieved at least two of the following objectives, and the other commander has achieved fewer.
  • Blitzkrieg: Capture the objective on the enemy board edge.
  • Take and Hold: Capture at least two objectives on the enemy table half.
  • Defend the Flag: Hold all objectives on the friendly table half.
  • They Shall Not Pass: No enemy units completely within the friendly table half.
  • Break their spirit: Completely destroy the opponent's most expensive unit (in this case, a Leman Russ squadron for Lamb's World [30PL]; and a unit of Vorax [24PL] for the Bezoans.

+ The veteran Caef Whittaker commanded the Lamb's World 18th during the battle. +

+ Late turns and end of game +

+ The battle was in full swing. On the face of it, the Guard seemed to have the upper hand; having thinned out the Skitarii for fewer losses of their own. The sides had traded a flyer each (Valkyrie for a Vulturax); but the armour was otherwise largely unscathed – and the Guard's part thanks in no small part to the jury-rigging strategem and the ministrations of the Slav Nasr Enginseers repairing the damage caused by the Vulturax. +

+ However, early turns tend to favour the long-ranged Guard; and the Skitarii were getting into a position that would begin to favour them. Their armour and heavy servitors were all but untouched. It would perhaps be decided by whether the Guard could place the killing blow before the Bezoans got their specialists into position. +


Aware that objectives must be taken, the Leman Russ squadron divided; two tanks pushing up the central road to see off the Archmagos and her Dunestriders and provide support for the advancing infantry. Their attendant techpriests scuttled along in the tanks' shadow.

In the centre, the Guard advance more cautiously, the weight of their lasrifle fire increasing at the barks of Caef Whittaker and his staff. The attached Ratling snipers take shots of opportunity, knocking down individual electropriests.

On the right, things were tense. The Commissar led an officer and his command squad forward, ready to engage the Vorax if the ogryns' strength failed. The remainder of the platoon tried to ignore the nearby melee and continued to provide fire support into the centre; mortar shells and sniper fire whistling downfield.

The Rapiers and heavy bolters, so far held in reserve, moved to shore up the right flank; ready to open up on the robots.

...but it was in the centre where the conflict would be decided. The electropriests rounded the corner of the shrine, haloed in dreadful auras that set the Lamb's Worlders' teeth on edge. The objective became contested.

Archmagos Toshiba snarls and orders her remaining forces forwards. The Kataphracts abandon the rearmost objective and lend weight of fire to the Dunestriders. The concerted fire from the Mechanicus forces all but knocks out the Tank Commander (centre of the Lamb's World army), and it crawls into cover, smouldering. In the centre, the electropriests reduce the melta gun specialist squad to dust and ash.

The surviving Vulturax, having warily moved back into the cover of the ruined manufactorum. The Guard infantry that are picking their way into the factory flinch as the hovering drone sends a glittering beam through a window. It strikes the Tauros Venator; which just about remains mobile.

The Guard's next barrage proves decisive, small arms and infantry support weapons causing heavy casualties to the Skitarii infantry, and the tanks and artillery destroying one of the Dunestriders and many of the heavy servitors.

The Guard shift to secure the objectives nearer their side. Whittaker himself pushes forward, urging the men and women under his command onwards with great bellows and encouragement.

As the smoke clears, the Guard infantry advance, claiming the manufactorum. The smouldering Venator sweeps in, heavy las-fire warding off the heavy servitors. Victory became clear; and the Guard cheered to see the Bezoans turn and pick their way backwards, retreating from the field.


+ Objectives

  • Blitzkrieg: Capture the objective on the enemy board edge. 
  • Take and Hold: Capture at least two objectives on the enemy table half. [Lamb's World objective secured]
  • Defend the Flag: Hold all objectives on the friendly table half. [Lamb's World objective secured]
  • They Shall Not Pass: No enemy units completely within the friendly table half. [Lamb's World objective secured]
  • Break their spirit: Completely destroy the opponent's most expensive unit (in this case, a Leman Russ squadron for Lamb's World [30PL]; and a unit of Vorax [24PL] for the Bezoans.

+ Outcome: Victory for Lamb's World +

+ Thoughts on the battle +

+ I think I held the advantage from a relatively early stage – but that the final result was flattering to my generalship. In truth, I suspect it was largely a combination of hot dice on my side, and familiarity with my army that told in the end. + 

+ This was the first time I've used a Manticore, and it was a lot of fun. The pressure you can exert with such long-range indirect fire was, I suspect, part of the reason the Vorax battle-automata were deployed opposite. As a result, I was able to bog down these heavy hitters with the ogryns. Had they been more centrally placed, I suspect I would have had to have been much more cautious in my advance with my infantry, as these robots would have chewed through squad after squad. However, hindsight is always 20:20; and had the ogryns failed to make it in, things might have been very different; allowing the Ad Mech to exploit the opening and achieve their Blitzkrieg objective. +

+ Perhaps the overall downfall of the Bezoans here was their inability to put pressure on a particular point. Fearing the heavy weapons of the Kataphractii servitors, I avoided the open ground; and the terrain then played to the infantry's favour, sheltering them while they moved up to capture the objectives. I though Lucifer216 did well to avoid the central road turning into a killing ground – despite me having twice as many big tank guns, he managed to keep his Dunestriders hidden and repaired, and drawing the fire of my armour. +

+ Anyway, a thoroughly enjoyable game against an ever-gracious player; and a visual feast. Lucfier216's Bezoans are a beautiful army, and I'm hoping we can get another game in soon. I'm told the Bezoans will be returning with heavier forces – and given what their light robots can do, Whittaker will have to pull something very special out of the bag to secure victory next time! +


+ inload: 40k Battle report – Tensions over Neues Tremo part I +

+ Belligerents: Bezoan Skitarii (Lucifer216); Lamb's World Imperial Guard (Apologist) +
+ Limitations of conflict: 150 Power Level +
+ Battle site: Snakepit Plains, Neues Tremo, a frontiersworld in the Magyar system, Sector Antona Australis. [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] +


+ Overview and background of the conflict +

The keen and hidden ears of the Bezoan Magi hear much – and while little of the morass of information their informants gather stirs the lords and ladies of the isolated world to direct action, reports that machines produced on the world have been altered by other Imperial forces is one such.

Such are the rumours that swirl around the Lamb's World 18th: that their attendant Enginseers; scions of Forgeworld Slav Nasr, have altered – or worse – investigated Holy Script from the regiment's artillery and support vehicles. To the Bezoans, this is provocation that justifies warfare. 

A whisper here, a rumour planted there. Agents Provocateur begin to move amongst the inhabitants of the nearby frontiersworld of Neues Tremo – populous, rich in mineral wealth, but politically remote and naïve in the ways of the Adeptus Mechanicus; and the world descends into international war. A bribe here; a secret promised to be protected there – and the Lamb's World 18th are tasked with restoring peace.

So the stage is set; and the players enter ...


+ Fellow PCRC members Lord Blood the Hungry and Omricon kindly set up a battlefield for us; representing the outskirts of one of the dusty, moth-eaten townships typical of this planet. 

+ For the mission, we used a modified version of the Epic: Armageddon tournament scenario:

+ There are six objectives; three on each side, including one on the board edge of each player. At the end of the third or subsequent turns, a commander can claim victory if he has achieved at least two of the following objectives, and the other commander has achieved fewer.

  • Blitzkrieg: Capture the objective on the enemy board edge.
  • Take and Hold: Capture at least two objectives on the enemy table half.
  • Defend the Flag: Hold all objectives on the friendly table half.
  • They Shall Not Pass: No enemy units completely within the friendly table half.
  • Break their spirit: Completely destroy the opponent's most expensive unit (in this case, a Leman Russ squadron for Lamb's World [30PL]; and a unit of Vorax [24PL] for the Bezoans.


+Set up and early turns +

The history of the Lamb's World 18th might have been very different, were it not for the belligerent and dogged nature of Lief Talog. Having suppressed the incipient Neues Tremo rioting, the regiment were divided up into garrison forces – and with the immediate threat removed, many of the Lamb's World officers prepared to relax into a deployment of policing a cowed and politically impotent population.

Talog, however, was a stern and paranoid intelligence officer attached to the Lamb's World 18th. Undoubtedly effective , he was nevertheless widely loathed by the men under his command, and regarded as 'difficult' by his peers. He personally ensured that his orders were carried out, even as other officers were demobilising; and as a result, his informants were well-placed to intercept a datapacket dropped by a drunken Munitorum overseer. The orders were clear – huge volumes of materiel and esoteric ammunition were being shipped to a supposedly abandoned region of the salt-plains.

The intercepted orders were enough to warrant an investigation in force; and Caef Whittaker – the nearest senior officer – responded. After two days of travel across the parched earth, the township of Snakepit appeared on the horizon. Slowing his forces to a crawl, Whittaker's eyes widened as an opposing army emerged to meet them...


Recon in force proves a sensible approach – the Lamb's Worlder's grab what cover they can. Communication with base falls ominously silent, the vox-net choked. Whittaker demands the two Enginseers break through the comm-scrambling.

The Bezoans move forward urgently, eager to eliminate the isolated Guard quickly to avoid word spreading. Taking the Imperial Guard forces by surprise, the impact of their ambush is limited by their impetuosity and short-ranged guns.

Massed warriors of the Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus advance relentlessly, supported by heavy armour. The terrible and inhuman form of Archmagos Toshiba looms over them all.

Whittaker's infantry advance under the cover of the trees, their armour units anchoring their left.

On the right, a platoon sets up around an abandoned farmstead, protecting the mortar teams and artillery.

Confusion reigns as some officers wait for confirmation of enemy activity. Coming under fire, Lief Derwyn decides alacrity is best, and orders his men forwards.

Whittaker takes command, ordering his command staff to disseminate a general order to advance and engage.

Vulturax drones open up on the Leman Russ squadron, but their swift movement robs them of decisive impact. Keyed-in Dunecrawlers add their weight to the fire, but guard armour proves resilient enough to limit the damage.

Shepherded by their commissars and priests, Lamb's World officers lead the advance on the left flank; pouring men forward into the cover of the factorium.

The recently-raised statue of Beggar-King Astelak looms large over the battlefield; gazing down impassively over the warring soldiery. Adeptus Mechanicus forces continue their headlong advance, while the ogryns and Tauros scout vehicles redploy to intercept the advancing Vorax battle-automata.

Counter-charging Lamb's World grenadier elites drop down from their Valkyrie, capturing the objective and opening up on the Mechanicus vanguard.


The Slav Nasr priests crawl over their Leman Russ charges, repairing and reconsecrating battered armour even as the tanks buck and roar. One of the Vulturax is blown out of the sky, and the supporting Thallax squad is atomised by a Manticore missile strike.

The long-range guns and indirect fire of the Imperial Guard begin to tell, with casualties across the entire advancing front. Mechanicus morale begins to fail, as auto-preserve subroutines kick in and individual Skitarii go to ground. Nevertheless, the majority of the casualties are to the Skitarii's light infantry – their big guns remain a very real threat.

The Vorax absorb the directed fire of an entire reinforced platoon and keep on coming. As a squad of men are bloodily scythed down by chaingun fire, the increasingly urgent requests for heavy support are met by a pair of Leman Russ diverting their fire to the robots; along with heavy bolter and Rapier laser carriers. Despite this, only two go down – and it is left to the abhuman ogryns to block the charge.

More Lamb's World troops advance, sticking to the cover of the shrine and terrain. The entire battleline begins to move forward, to make good on the early casualties they have caused and halt the Mechanicus advance.

Whittaker watches in dismay as the Valkyrie takes strike after strike, the pitches into the ground with a burst of flame. Grenadiers perish in the explosion, and the right flank hangs in the balance.

Magos Toshiba paused the screeds of data inloading through her augmented micronoosphere to analyse an unfamiliar flesh-emotion. After a moment, she recognised it as irritation. Filing the concept, she blurted orders for the heavy Kataphractii servitors to follow her. Progress was slowing – and bigger guns would modify the equation in a way even her unaugmented prey could understand.

The surviving grenadiers are mobbed by the crackling horror of the electropriests, their carapace proving little protection. Their burnt-out husks litter the ground even as the aura of the chanting priests grows visibly stronger.

Still the Lamb's World guard prove staunch. Casualties have been light, and now the infantry are within striking range. They await the order to fire.

The skitarii have other ideas, clanking and drifting forward menacingly. Having closed the range, their specialisms are now in place. The fate of the 18th hangs in the balance...

+ [+ Part II can be inloaded via this noosphericinloadlink +] +