+ inload: Brother Seyfreid +

+ Duo-vidlink: cross your eyes until images converge +

+ The studding on the lower part of Seyfreid's leg armour shows field-rigged support struts designed to baffle the detection systems of krak mines. The Iron Warriors made extensive use of minefields, with a mixture of weight-triggered, manually-detonated and more esoteric measures. In turn, the Ultramarine advance deployed increasingly creative countermeasures. +

+ Seyfreid's combat blade scabbard bears a common chequered motif. It sits alongside a purity seal which marks him as an associate of the Chaplaincy. Tasked with monitoring psyk-potential line troopers following the dissolution of the Librarius, the role of such monitors became increasingly important after Guilliman's reversal of the Edict of Nikea. +

+ Unusually, Seyfreid's armour is powered by a Mark IV Notts-pattern generator pack. +

+ Meditation notes, written on dried mnemo-leather, are secured beneath Seyfreid's hip protection plate. They have either lost their protective scrollcase and become unravelled during action, or are deliberately exposed as combat decoration. +

+ Praeteritis praesentia nostra mutatur +

+ inload: Ultramarines during the Chaeronea purges +

+ Brother Mimas +

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 + Equipped with boltgun, power armour and unshakeable conviction, Brother Mimas proved an exemplar of the XIII Legion during the Purges of Chaeronea. He was struck by a grav-beam during the second advance on Piritol, which resulted in permanent disablement. +

+ inload: reinforcements for the Black Kuttaz +
+ After getting shot up on Birch Solar and drummed off their homeworld, the Kuttaz have begun recruitin'. Here's another shoota boy:

...and a Tinboy, who's going to act as a runtherd (well, as a runtbot assitant to the runtherd, but there's no rules for them any more). +

+ A great little model, I've wanted one of these for years. A lot of fun and very quick to paint up, I thought I'd go for an Iyanden scheme to match (mock?) my Eldar army.

To show off orky know-wots, and to let people who never got a chance to see one of these great models in the tin, I thought I'd make a 3D shot. Cross your eyes until you can see a third tinboy in the middle. He should look three-dimensional. +

+ inload: All Hail the God of Machines! +

+ The Legio Validus – known to the greater Imperium as the Kings in Yellow – is amongst the most ancient of the military forces operating in the Antona Australis sector. Arriving alongside the Fourteenth Expeditionary Fleet, the Legio Victorum was instrumental in placating the sector and bringing its worlds to heel. 

+ On the founding of the sector, a Warlord Battlegroup was separated from its parent Legion and tasked with its protection. This formed the basis of the Legio Validus; and the techpriests of the newly-founded Braun VI worked tirelessly to expand the force. Over the following Millennia, the Legion has swollen to twenty-nine titans, including the legendary Trismegistus Teutates, the only surviving founder; and the brooding Warmonger Odior Gauvisus. +

+ Mercato Stipent
+ This Reaver, which dates back to M37, took its first tour during the Fourth Great Purges of M37.778. Commanded by its first Princeps, Catachresis Iones, Mercato was the first Titan of the Legion to make landfall on Grogoff during the campaign.

+ Equipped with a conservative standard loadout of twin Turbo Laser Destructors and an Apocalypse Multi-Missile Launcher, the Titan was deployed in support of an army group made up of infantry drawn from the Anchorpoint 1703rd and 2889th, the Hunkopian 3rd, and the New Republican Browncoats. Armoured support came from the Varan's World Armoured brigades and forty companies from El Migan 8th Armoured. The army was also supported by elements of the Scarlet Blades, Adamants and Red Talons Astartes Chapters.

+ Still WIP, but pleased with how he's coming along. He has some friends on the workbench as well: +