+ inload: reinforcements for the Black Kuttaz +
+ After getting shot up on Birch Solar and drummed off their homeworld, the Kuttaz have begun recruitin'. Here's another shoota boy:

...and a Tinboy, who's going to act as a runtherd (well, as a runtbot assitant to the runtherd, but there's no rules for them any more). +

+ A great little model, I've wanted one of these for years. A lot of fun and very quick to paint up, I thought I'd go for an Iyanden scheme to match (mock?) my Eldar army.

To show off orky know-wots, and to let people who never got a chance to see one of these great models in the tin, I thought I'd make a 3D shot. Cross your eyes until you can see a third tinboy in the middle. He should look three-dimensional. +

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