+ inload: Onwards and upwards +

+ inload: Reports of my demise... +

+ A house move has meant hobby time has been a little curtailed recently, so apologies for the lack of inloadfeed for the past few days. Happily things are starting to settle down, so I'm sure I'll soon be back to supping recaff and synthale while waving picter-dendrites over the old hobby bureau. The new house – my first step into ownership, no less – has a lovely spacious and light room we've set aside for study and relaxing, so I should be better set for lighting and photography, too. Onwards and upwards! +

+ One of the last things I worked upon before packing up was Severius, a Warcaster from the Protectorate of Menoth, a faction from Privateer Press' Warmachine game. A great little metal figure, and quite fun to paint, he was an experiment in colour scheme. I've stepped away from the studio paint scheme, as I'm not a fan of the white and magenta/purple. +

+ A simple approach – initial block colours, layers of washes and inks (sepia, orange and black), then cleaning and tidying – worked well for the figure, which has a chunkiness of sculpting that rewards a quick, simple approach like this. There's a little freehand on the hat (helmet?) in the shape of a menofix (the Protectorate's symbol), and I've picked out some gems in cool blue as a contrasting accent to the overall warm cream/yellow/red scheme, but I've left him fairly simple. +

+ I'm in two minds about the bases of my Warmachine figures. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like the rolled shoulder style, as it makes too much of the block colour on the edge. I've tried black, brown and even extending the texture down to the floor, but nothing looks right to me. For the moment, I'm compromising on a very dark brown, but I'm open to suggestions. +