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+ A brief period of hobby malaise and generally being busy has left this blog a bit fallow, but I had the chance to sit down and do a bit of painting last night. 2017 is shaping up to be a good one [APPEND/ADDENDUM: famous last words, 2016] at least in terms of our hobby. +

+ I don't think my predictions of what I'll be working on have ever proven quite correct, but it's always nice to have a vague plan, so when I inevitably go off-piste and am stuck for inspiration I have a record of what I could do. With that borne in mind, I'm planning to get some stuff painted for games that I've not played in a while – specifically, Protectorate of Menoth for Warmachine; a Blood Bowl team for the Tallowland Invitational that I'll be running come February [more info in an upcoming inload], and – should that Christmas Elf decide I've been good this year – some of the VIth and XVth Legions for Battle for Prospero. +

+ Sticking with Warmachine for the moment, I was working on a Sanctifier – a heavy Warjack – last night. It's still WIP, but coming on nicely:

+ The inspiration for the scheme was a cross between the warm reds and yellows seen in the Eastern Orthodox Church (the background for this army draws upon the pseduo-Russian Khador and the desert-based Protectorate of Menoth) and construction equipment. +

+ Yellow symbolises both divinity and corruption in Christian tradition, which fits with the odd dynamic the Protectorate of Menoth have with their Warjacks – namely that they're a bit suspicious of using magic, and thus the men and women who build and maintain to their warjacks are seen a 'necessary evil'. As I understand things, the Warjacks themselves are seen with similar ambivalence – valued for their power, but not whole-heartedly embraced. There's a bit of doublethink inherent in the faction which rather appeals to me. +

+ The scheme is looking a bit muted and mustardy at the moment – it's a base of Averland Sunset with Dark Flesh used for shading, and the addition of Dheneb Stone and Vallejo white for highlights. I'll be adding some layers of yellow ink to add some vibrancy, and likely be introducing a little red or green as it looks a little 'Imperial Fisty' at the moment. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I'd like to use the opportunity the Protectorate offers for something a bit different. +

+ The boiler on the back was fun to paint – a mix of Boltgun Metal and brown was used, then sepia ink and Nuln Oil washes. The glow (again unfinished) is simply Vallejo Scarlet added wet-in-wet. +

+ The Menofix (the Sanctifier's main weapon) has been painted with a slight marble effect. I didn't want it to draw too much attention from the body of the machine, as I felt this would detract from the impression of bulk and mass. As a result, it's painted in dark, fairly muted turquoises. +