+ inload: Legio Validus +

+ Titans are awesome. The Reaver was always one of my favourite models. The one above is the classic GW lead Reaver. +

+ inload: The Oldhammer movement and Epic +

+ inload: The Oldhammer movement and Epic +

+ I'd heard of the 'Bring Out Your Lead' weekend held up North – neatly summed up and reviewed by Orlygg [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] – but until I came to catch up on some blog reading, I hadn't realised how many of the writers and artists I follow were going. What an event! I'd be very keen to pop along to a future version to meet up with some of the noosphere's luminaries and fellow enthusiasts. I'll cross my fingers and do some work to see if some warp entity'll send an invitation :) +

+ One of the games particularly interested me, and that was LegioCustodes' of Oldhammer 40k [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] Epic-scale work. Really fantastic (got and have a look at his Flesh Tearers), and got me fired up with the Epic bug again. +

+ I thought I'd dig into my bits box and paint up some Word Bearers. I've been umming and erring about painting some Renegade Marines for a while. They've got a number of advantages:

  • Classic red scheme to indulge some John Blanche inspired techniques.
  • Opportunity for a lot of variation.
  • Good excuse for lots of different styles.
  • They're baddies, so there's more narrative possibilities when facing the most common armies (loyalist Space Marines).
  • They tie in nicely with my Ultramarines army and joint-blog with Doghouse, furthering the Calth theme.
+ Anywhere, here's the first group, including a motley mix of Epic marines – third-party troopers, some from the awesome plastic Epic 40,000 sprue, and a veteran lead Rhino of the Long War (the 90s).

 + I decided on a deep red (Blood Red over a yellow base with purple and black washes), and added silver shoulder pads to distinguish them from Blood Angels. +

+ The Rhino got boltgun metal doors to echo the shoulder pads of the Chapter. +

+ I haven't got an army list or anything worked out. I'm just going to paint up the bits I have, and then add some stuff until I'm happy. While I'm most likely to use these with the Epic: Armageddon rules (because they're brilliant!), I want to just let these grow organically from stuff I'm enthusiastic about, in the grand tradition of my younger self! +