+ The Augustine Crusade +

+ The Augustine Crusade is a collaborative project between the following contributors – Prominus IV, The Steel Legion, Lilagrax, Beyondthetabletop, K0rdhal, Regimental_Review, The Rook, Folkestorm and Apologist – that began in Winter 2019. +

+ At the root of the project is the study of an Imperial Crusade, prosecuted by the Imperial Guard. We wanted to have a closer look at the aims, logistics and heroism of the everyday soldier in the 41st Millennium – and use it as an excuse to build, paint and showcase cool future soldiers. +

This noospheric node will direct you to longform dataspools here on + Death of a Rubricist +, but I encourage you to go check out the following tags on Instagram: 

#theaugustinecrusade #augustinecrusade #findxiahhesh 

+ Inload spool log +

+ Strategic level material +

+ Imperial Regiments +

+ Red Hand Forces +

  • Vrag-Rana
  • The Gothii Warclans
  • Vrag-Rana Kolossan
  • Vrag-Rana Red Cowls

+ Notable conflicts of the Early Crusade + 

  • First Battle for Buir's World [M42.037]
  • The Yranus Landings [M42.040]
  • Invasion of Practal [M42.041]
  • The Battle for Buir's Reach

+ The Lamb's World 88th fall back during the infamous Yranus Landings +

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