+ inload: Tutorial – building 'true-scale' Astartes part IV +

+ This inload forms part of a tutorial, which begins here [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] +

+ Part 4: Limbs +

+ Left arm +

+ With the complex cuts of the torso safely complete, it's now time to turn to the arms, and finish the legs. As before, you can use any terminator arms for this. It is the left arm that causes most problems, as most Terminator plastics have power fists. Even those that don't require some resculpting work. For that reason, this tutorial concentrates on the left arm first. +

+ If you have bought the Grey Knights Terminator box for this tutorial, it makes sense to use those. If not, then I recommend the Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield arms from the Assault Terminator Box, as these include a left forearm (rather than the powerfist). +

I_ Assuming you're using the Grey Knight Terminator arms, cut it from the sprue and clean any mouldlines as normal. 

II_ Carefully trim away the cable, including the junction boxes where it meets the armour of the arm.

III_ Place a very small ball of greenstuff into the elbow area.

IV_ Gently flatten it into a disc shape, then trim away the pointed part of the wrist and lay a small amount of greenstuff on the forearm in the recess meant for the stormbolter.

V_ Gently smooth this into place, and flatten the ends using the spoon-ended and edged parts of the modelling tool. This completed the left arm (though the version above needs a bit more cleaning!)

+ Right arm +

+ If you're using a Grey Knight Terminator arm, you'll need to trim away the elbow shield. If not, this part is a lot easier. +

I_ Trim the arm from the sprue and clean as usual.

II_ Use the clippers to cut the lower box cable off.

III_ Trim away the cable at the top, so you end up with something like this.

IV_ Use your craft knife to carefully trim and shape the elbow pad, and remove the 'junction boxes' for the cable at the wrist and shoulder.

V_ Trim away the skull, then flatten a small ball of greenstuff as in steps III and IV of 'Left Arm' above.

+ As an example of arms made with other Terminator sets, here's one made from the plug-and-play Terminators from an earlier edition of the Warhammer 40,000 boxed set (Battle for Macragge, I think). I have used Procreate here, hence why the putty is grey – and a bit sharper, as it's easier to file and shape into hard edges than greenstuff, which is a little more elastic. Note also that these arms make the shoulder pads much, much easier to do, as you've got a hard joint to work against. Of course, on the other hand you sacrifice some flexibility. +

+ Kneepads +

+ Not strictly necessary, if you're after Mark IV legs, you'll want to add the kneepads. +

I_ Make sure the existing greenstuff on the legs is fully cured, then simply blob on a small amount of putty (as shown) roughly into place, flattening it with your thumb.

II_ Lay the spoon-ended part of the modelling tool flat against the shin and push gently upwards to create a sharp, flat bottom surface. Mark sure this is straight.

III_ Use the edged end to shape the top corners in the scalloped shape, as shown, being careful not to distort the lower part. If you've used too much greenstuff, aim to get it hanging off the top, then simply use your clippers to remove it and smooth the edge with the modelling tool.

IV Repeat on the other side, allow to cure, then base and assemble your marine.


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+ Part V of this tutorial is now available here [noospheric inloadlink embedded]. +