+ inload: Canna Loric – Baltan 10th Armoured +

+ Flagg-Korpral Canna Loric of the Baltan 10th Armoured +

+ The marshy terrain of Balto, in the Cetus-Scorpii Sector, is ill-suited to Armoured Warfare, but the inhabitants are known for their adaptability and ingenuity – traits which were useful during the later stages of the Crusade, but worked against them at Command Level; where their officers gained a reputation for using 'nuisance initiative' to the detriment of Corps-level planning. +

+ Flagg-korpral Loric is a typical example of the indefatigable breed that made up the Baltan 10th Armoured, one of the regiments that made up Warmaster Augustine's 'Extraordinaries'. +

+ The crew of the Leman Russ Battle Tank Bashful Bruiser, of which Loric was a member; were part of Long-Range Operations, a specialist wing of the Regiment that were specially supplied to support the advancing Armoured Fist Companies of the Cadian 144th during the Invasion of Practal (M42.041). +

+ Their heavily-laden vehicles were instantly recognisable; and the practise of carrying so much materiel led them to be known as 'shackers' amongst the rest of the Army Group. Pictured above is the Campaign Badge of the First Army Group – a capital 'A' flanked by two wings. This is the basic rendering of the symbol, in which the wings are simple triangular icons. More complex variants appeared elsewhere; particular on officers' material or Regimental banners. +

+ Pictured dismounted from his vehicle, Loric is carrying a solid-shot autogun of the sort issued to Baltan armoured crews. Its detachable stock meant it was more compact than the las-rifles issued to Baltan infantry; though resourceful Baltans came to favoured the bullpup lasrifle designs supplied to Lamb's World forces in later campaigns. He is bareheaded – helmets were in short supply after a successful raid on the supply convoys by the forces under Hesh's Lieutenant Cardinal Qi. +

+ His regimental insignia – a black 'X' over a rust-orange field is visible here on his left shoulder strap. Note the tunic is basic olive, while his combat trousers bear a camouflage pattern – such non-uniformity was common amongst Baltan regiments, even in the early days of the Crusade. Despite the exasperation of the Commissariat, the soldiery from Balto proved almost intentionally contrary with dress discipline. +

+ 'Bloody-minded as a Baltan' came to be a common phrase during the battles over Practal, and the Armoured Regiments in particular became known for their intractable nature. This proved a double-edged sword for their Cadian allies – while they knew they could rely on their nearby Armoured support to hold the line or prosecute an assault, the Baltan's stale tactics often led to delays in response time, or requiring reinforcement – as in the infamous Kutt Hill Slaughter. +

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