+ inload: The Battle of Byblos +

+ inload: The Battle of Byblos +

+ In an earlier inload, I mentioned that I was heading up to Warhammer World in Nottingham to catch up with some old friends from The First Expedition forum and have a game with my Ultramarines. It turned into quite a battle! It was run as a narrative game, with me acting as the games master. I'm aiming to post up the background and mechanics as a little PCRC supplement, so other people can give it a go. In the meantime, here are a few pictures to whet your appetite and temporarily satiate your datajacks. +

+ Beautiful Word Bearers of the Octal Brand Chapter by the ever-excellent Vinnie, and Helios' breathtaking Death Guard. +

+ Stalwart Imperial Fists, commanded by Bob Hunk of the PCRC, find a place of honour in the front ranks of a sea of Ultramarines. Enough to make your heart swell! In addition to my marines (controlled by the Imperial players while I did the narrative and refereeing), you'll see a huge number of fantastic Rogue Trader-themed Ultramarines by Hyperion. + 

 + The lines of battle are drawn! +

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