+ inload: Painting Iron Warrior infantry part II +

+ Part 1 of this tutorial can be found in this inload [noospheric link embedded] +

+ Iron Warrior Infantry part 2 +

9_ Highlight the black areas subtly using a mix of Charadon Granite and Fenris Grey. Dilute the mix with flow enhancer. Use dry Boltgun Metal to highlight the non-plate metal areas (back of legs, boltgun, backpack etc. – see step 4 in the previous inload)

10_ Use slightly diluted Iyanden Darksun or Averland Sunset to paint in the accent areas. I've added a stripe down the right shoulderpad. Once dry, overlay it with Golden Yellow until you get a fairly smooth coverage. There's no need to make it absolutely smooth, as that risks making it look odd in contrast with the battered gunmetal plate.

11_ Dilute an off-black (i.e. a very dark grey or brown – I used Scorched Brown mixed with sepia ink) with a little flow enhancer and use the tip of a size 1 brush to paint in the freehand markings. I suggest using a decent-sized brush as it'll hold enough paint for you to paint a section at a time, without having to reload. I use off-black rather than a pure black to reduce the contrast. These details should be subtle, not eye-catching.

12_ Finish the squad markings, then dilute a warm red-brown (Scorched Brown or Dark Flesh) with flow enhancer until it is very meagre. Use this to glaze the yellow, adding the suggestion of wear and weathering without adding texture. Concentrate the colour away from the light and in recesses to add shading.

13_ Tear off a small piece of artifical sponge and bunch it in your fingers. Dip it in a little of the same colour as the base (Scorched Brown, in this case). Wipe off the excess and lightly dab this across the model, focussing on areas that stick out, like knees, elbows and hands. Avoid the torso, face and rifle.

14_ Base the model (I used successive layers of grey drybrushing, along with dry grass to match Bob_Hunk's army [noospheric link embedded]). To finish, I used a mix of a cold blue (Hoeth Blue) and Vallejo white to paint in the eyes. I built these up with a couple of layers, and entirely filled the socket recesses. This creates a slight glow effect.

+ Your Iron Warrior is now ready to menace the galaxy! +

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