+ inload: Terran Counter-surgency +

Today we extended our foothold in the Kamassian District, finally ousting the Fists from the Ay Dede Wall complex. Losses were heavy, but sustainable. The bastard VIIth opened a sub-gate, and when we didn't take the bait, they resealed the complex. Of course, we had ensconced infiltraitors relay us passcodes and cipher-encrypts the moment the lore-circuits were down; but these proved to be counterfiltrating inloads: turncoat phrases that detonated sub-magazines dotted behind us.
The result? A series of impromptu mines collapsed; trapping four dozen or so of the company. I cannot imagine what it must be like to be buried underground.
Still. The Fists are dead. The Eye flies over Ay Dede. The advance continues.
Data-incept: Terra, Fourteenth Secundus. Lion's Gate Spaceport

+ Work-in-progress IVth Legion warriors. These are at an early stage of paint – stage 3 of my process for painting Iron Warriors [+noospheric inloadlink embedded+] +

+ These were the first batch to use parts from the excellent Battle of Prospero box set; a great resource. I was expecting to enjoy using the Terminator parts and backpacks, but the bits which really benefit from transition to plastic are the helms and weapons – these are really crisp and sharp. +

+ The brutal nature of the Iron Warriors – and the particularly ruthless members of the 242nd's Officia Monstrosa corps – lend themselves to understated postures that highlight their methodical, cold killing. I've added a number of chainswords and combat blades to this group and will scatter them amongst the existing Musters (squads), to add variety and represent the additional chainsword upgrades. +

+ The Iron Warriors, in common with most of my armies, are a bit thin on HQ models, so I've worked up a simple Siege Breaker. +

+ En-masse, the Iron Warriors' scheme is very effective. It's easy too look very monotone, so I spend quite a bit of time deliberately adding in variety of metals. The silver here was painted with a variety of paints including: Chainmail, Stormhost Silver, Boltgun Metal, Runefang Steel, Scorched Brown, Bestial Brown, Sepia ink (W&N) and Smoke (Vallejo). The darks shared some of these to add coherency to the scheme, utilising Abaddon Black, Sepia ink (W&N), Smoke (Valljo) and Charadon Granite. +


  1. Loving the narratively enhanced moddeling of these menacing menagerie of marines. This exactly how i view astartes. As soldiery men.

    1. Ta – it's important to me to make sure that they read as a structured military group, rather than having a 'warband' feel.

  2. So bleak and sinister; Iron within, to be sure.

  3. They look splendid. Now that I´m making some RS marines I have a mix of terminator and space marine hands in the models...wich one you prefer? In group the diference between hands is hard to see, but sometimes when there are just two or three models you can see something wrong

    1. I have used both in the past – it opens up more options for posing. Nowadays, I almost always use power armour gauntlets, as they tend to look better with the weapons and help to accentuate the proportions.


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