+ inload: March of the 242nd +

+ 242nd Company, LII Muster, SOL Theatre, Compliance of Zero-zero +

+ 'Footsore', they called us. It was intended as a slight; their sneering, supercilious tone masquerading as barracking humour. We understood all too well what they meant. +

+ The recognition did not draw us together. We did not wail and clutch at each other in private. It did, however, bind us. We became fascia of sticks, or a gabion wall of stones bound in a cage. It gave us strength. +

+ For buried in that 'honorific' was a recognition that we had become as iron; instruments of a fearful will that drove sentient, sapient and valuable beings to march across fields of mines, traps and obstructions. +

+ We would come to use this iron cage. +


+ Muster LII +

+ Designate: Phalangite Cantacuzenus +

+ Aegis: Mark IV 'Maximus', Beta Cornix Forge +
+ Agency: Boltgun, Umbra forge
+ Remarks: Auxiliary besagew 'tilt shield'; marked with personal honorific; 66-Compliance. Note Lodge medals integrated into breastplate. Poss. ritual significance? 

+ Designate: Phalangite Murtzuphlos + 

Aegis: Mark II 'Crusade', Mars Forge +
Agency: Boltgun, Boltgun, Pentos forge manufacture (Phobos license); chainsword INDETERMINATE
Remarks: Belt buckle honorific – inlaid ceramic. QUERY Chainsword taken from battlefield?

+ Designate: Phalangite Vatartes + 

Aegis: Mark II 'Crusade', Mars Forge +
Agency: Boltgun, Pentos forge manufacture (Phobos license)
+ Remarks: Helm adaptated with additional reinforcement: utilisation of Mark III spares.

+ Designate: Phalangite Komnen +

Aegis: Mark III 'Armorum Ferrum', Cyclothrathe Forge +
Agency: Boltgun, Cyclothrathe forge manufacture (Phobos license)
+ Remarks: Unremarkable

+ Designate: Phalangite Botaneiate + 

Aegis: Aggregate hybrid 'Mark V', Forge origin diverse. Underlying powerplant Martian Mark II 'Crusade'. Mantilla helm. +
Agency: Boltgun, Pentos forge; deployed combat blade, Luna forge.
+ Remarks: Helm, chain-loincloth and pauldron indicate adoption into Basilikoi corps.

+ Designate: Mandator Paphlagon + 

Aegis: Mark III 'Armorum Ferrum', Cyclothrathe Forge – helm retrofitted with additional heat vents, visible immediately behind faceplate. +
Agency: Boltgun, Cyclothrathe forge manufacture (Phobos license)
+ Remarks: Minor boltgun honorific indicates non-commissioned rank.

+ Designate: Phalangite Ronon + 

Aegis: Mark III 'Armorum Ferrum', Cyclothrathe Forge +
Agency: Boltgun, Phobos forge manufacture
+ Remarks: Unremarkable

+ Designate: Phalangite Marillion + 

AegisAggregate hybrid 'Mark V', Forge origin principally Beta Cornix Mark IV, with underlying Anvilus Mark II 'Crusade' powerplant . Spec. field replacement? +
Agency: Boltgun, Pentos forge manufacture (Phobos license)
Remarks: Honorific loincoth 'Balteon'. Etymology obscure.

+ Designate: Phalangite Glyce + 

Aegis: Mark II 'Crusade', Mars Forge +
Agency: Boltgun, Pentos forge manufacture (Phobos license); Chainsword, Ur-haven forge manufacture
Remarks: Molecular bonding stud reinforcement of legionary's left greave.

+ Designate: Phalangite Rinon-Fell + 

Aegis: Mark II 'Crusade', Saturnine Forge (Mars Licensse) +
Agency: Boltgun, Fortis Binary forge manufacture (Umbra license); Chainsword, Saturnine forge manufacture
Remarks: Chainsword hilt adornment appears to be [GEN.SPEC. Canis Lupus], extinct Terran predator. PERSONAL: Odd; there are no Wolv[REDACTED]

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