+ inload: Six Species Player Profiles #1

+ Player Profile: Jimmy Turnpike +

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 194lbs
Age: 19
Experience: First season
Team: Chaunterwick Unathletic

Season stats:
Position: Thrower
MA: 6  ST: 3  AG: 3  AV: 8
Skills: Pass, Sure hands, Dump-off
Games played: 2
TD scored: 1  Comp: 1  Int: 0  Cas: 0  MVP: 2

+ James Turnpike is a new signing to Chaunterwick Unathletic, a promising youngster recruited by a talent scout after winning the parish horseshoe-tossing contest at the Grimchurch village fête. After his interview*, Turnpike signed a short-term** contract to the team, where he swiftly stood out as one of the few members of the 'Bobbins' (as Unathletic are fondly known) to show some ability to handle the ball. +

+ Proving himself a valuable member of the team, Turnpike combines two traits uncommon, even surprising, for a Blood Bowl player: a reluctance to be punched and a genuine talent for getting rid of the ball before the tackle is made. His position as quarterback makes use of his keen eye, and means that the other 'Bobbins' are keen to get the ball to him – much to his dismay! + 

* i.e. fighting his way out of the sack into which he had been bundled and finding himself miles from home.
** In relative, geological, terms.


+ Painting +

+ Still nominally WIP, Turnpike's a colour test for my first new team in a good few years; a scheme loosely based on both the Welsh Rugby strip and Charlton Athletic's. He's worked up from a red primer base, with a pair of reds (one for armour, one for cloth) and a pair of creamy whites (again, one for armour, one for cloth). +

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