+ Tallowlands Invitational III +

+ The season so far +

+ It's been an exciting start to the season, with four matches played and a number of touchdowns. More importantly, lots of casualties! + 

If you don't want to hear the results, then look away now. +

+ Zamstak's matches +

  • [3] Ulfheim Undjedhi (H) v Slough Wyrms [1]
  • [0] Chanterwick Unathletic (H) v Miami Dauphins [2]

+ Sonntak's matches +

  • [1] Slough Wyrms (H) v Chanterwick Unathletic [2]
  • [0] Cripple Peak Stranglers (H) v Ulfheim Undjedhi [2]


+ The Invitational kicked off with a strong victory for Ulfheim Undjedhi, whose valiant opponents – the Slough Wyrms – ensured this was a crowdpleaser, with four touchdowns scored. The match was characterised by some brutal head-first tackles, resulting in a startling number of players knocking both themselves and their opponents out. +

+ The team of necromantic horrors proved surprisingly versatile, with new signing Annakin Gravewalker turning a desperate defence into a with a long and successful – not to mention surprising! – pass. Gravewalker is clearly one to watch, with a perfect record of three completions in three attempts. +


+ The other match on Zamstak, played at Chanterwick's Quadrangle stadium, saw the home team unable to hold against the Dauphin's solid play. A slow, grinding match, the two human teams – one a touring Bretonnian mob – were evenly matched for much of the game, until Dan Marineaux of the Dauphins recovered the ball near his own try line and began blitzing his way up the entire length of the pitch to score. +

+ One touchdown behind at halftime, and with the home team receiving, Unathletic came out aggressively; but the Dauphin's defence proved too sturdy for the Chanterwick boys. A series of increasingly desperate attempts to clear space were stymied, with Jimmy Turnpike left holding the ball deep in his own half. With Bretonnian players closing in, Turnpike eventually fumbled the throw and was taken down. The Miami Dauphins quickly capitalised to end the game with a solid 2–0 victory. +

+ Sonntak saw a turnaround for Chanterwick Unathletic, with a narrow 2–1 win during their first away match against the Wyrms. The Slough Wyrms, still tired from the game earlier in the weekend and missing a player (owing to fatality), proved injury-prone, with five players remaining on the pitch at the end of the game. Nevertheless, they held Unathletic to an impressively close score. +

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