+ Tallowlands Invitational II +

+ Kick-off +

+ The past weekend saw the opening matches of the Tallowlands Allcomers Invitational; where the PCRC's Blood Bowl teams compete for the coveted Six Species cup. +

Omricon's Ulfheim Undjedhi take on Lord Bolod the Hungry's Slough Wyrms in the opening match.
+ Last inload saw the first couple of pages of the pack; here's the first bit of meat. I'll continue uploading the rest of the pack over the next couple of inloads, so please do feel free to play along – I'd love to hear how y ou find the rules. +

+ We've got a nice mix of teams involved, including Humans, Bretonnian, Necromantic Horrors, Dwarfs, Lizardmen and Skaven – some great opportunities for grudge matches here. + 

+ A couple of highlights from the opening match – results will be updated at some point this week. +

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