+ inload: Ultramarine Centurion +

+ inload: Ultramarine Centurion +

+ A commission piece, this figure uses a lot of the newer approaches I've taken for my figures. It's also the first time I've been able to take a proper scale shot, as I've bought Betrayal at Calth, and so have a proper marine to measure one of mine against. +

+ The figure is built from a broad range of kits including Master-Crafted miniatures shoulder pads, Grey Knight Terminator legs and a couple of FW kits. The pteruges/loincloth and belt details are from Betrayal at Calth (the box is full of great bits like this), though I've bent the straps back to fit more with the pose. It's important to pay attention to fabric and soft parts of a multipart figure, as they can otherwise add a subtle 'wrongness' to the finished piece. +

+ This figure's destined to be used as Captain Ventanus of the Ultramarines, so I was careful to include his power sword (scabbarded at his waist) even though I wanted an open hand, which helps the flow of the pose. +

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  1. He is going to look good when you smooth our the GS. Great work as ever.


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