+ inload: Phalangite-ordinary Kingdom Ixander +

+ Phalangite-ordinary Kingdom Ixander +

+ Tallarn had left him with a twitch in his index finger, an all-but-impercetible limp, and the slightly scaly skin that was the mark of a chem-attack survivor. It had curdled the soldier into a brawler, a murderer, a monster. +

+ A rad-grenade is belted at Ixander's waist, alongside the standard krak grenade. Such armaments were only slightly unusual during the Siege, as both sides armouries were emptied to provide their warriors with any advantage. +

+ Clad in prototype armour later folded into the Mark V category, Ixander's helm, torso and shoulders are heavily reinforced with molecular bonding studs; likely a result of the poorer quality raw materials used in its manufacture. +

+ The power pack is Martian manufacture – of recent manufacture – and the presence of Armorum Ferrum greaves suggest Ixander has had the pick of plunder from the fall of Mars. +

+ Specific muster identifiers are lost under the bonding studs on Ixander's pauldron, though the broad yellow vertical stripe marks him as a member of XIX Muster; showing the advantage of simple geometric designs for identification. Note also the hazard markings on his boltgun – while common as honorifics across the Legion as a whole, the 242nd were notable in their restrained use of the decoration, reserving it for acts that benefitted the Duty-muster as a whole. +


  1. Good work as ever chief, your attached fluff to the armour pieces is always nice.

    1. Thanks man, much appreciated. I really enjoy writing these little snippets of background.


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