+ inload: Phalangite Bakkal +

+ inload: Phalangite Bakkal +

+ The essence of warfare may, as has been demonstrated, be reduced to an equation. This should incorporate identification of the enemy's weaknesses and strengths – whether cultural, ethnic or species-wide. Such observations can be founded on historical study in concert with modern scientific principles such as scryomancy and haruspicy. +

+ For this reason, all efforts should be made to subdue enemy specimens as soon as possible during a campaign for enlightening vivisection, omophagy and, where possible, torture. +
Attr. Lokhagos Vukovic of the IV Legion

+ The typical Iron Warrior was shaped by his Legion culture to be fastidious and focussed. In the best cases, this encouraged cool-headed reliability in warmaking, but for many the training resulted in insular, mercurial personas who struggled to connect outside of delineated tasks or roles. As a result, while the Iron Warriors sent and received members of other Legions in exchange programmes meant to improve and alloy the Astartes, the Iron Warriors rarely flourished, many returning with little beyond a sense that their knowledge – hard won through grinding suffering – was taken with little of value returned. +

+ A notable exception to this rule was the IVth's relatively cordial relationship with the Warhounds – later the dread World Eaters. Iron Warriors who were quick to read slight into the attempted cordiality of their cousin Legions found themselves at ease with the straight-talking Legionaries of the XII, who in turn found the Iron Warriors' company more agreeable than the boastful Emperor's Children or subtle White Scars. +

+ Legionary Bakkal wears a variant helm drawn from a Forge World commonly used by the World Eaters, and the distinctive patterning applied recalls the Compliance of Django undertaken jointly by the IV and XII Legions early in the Great Crusade. +

+ The remainder of his armour is unremarkable, save that considerable effort has clearly been put into integrating the antique Mk II variant with the Maximus suit. Sentimentality was seldom an accusation levelled at the Iron Warriors as a whole, but it is possible that Bakkal regards the helm as a totem piece that marks an honour done, or debt as-yet unpaid. If the latter, it is typical IVth Legion stubbornness that keeps him wearing it decades since the event. +

+ Light 'hazard striping' has been carefully stitched into Bakkal's bolt pistol holster, designating him as receiving a minor battlefield honour from his Muster Company Lokhagos. +

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