+ inload: A Return to Glory +

+ Most of my hobby time recently has been gobbled up by my Iron Warriors, the 'footsore' 242nd of Officia Monstrosa. However, seized by inspiration, here's Centurion Holion, an update of an old favourite of mine, to celebrate eight years of my Ultramarines' blog. +

+ The original Young Holion: +

+ ...and the WIP update, showing him as an honoured Centurion during the Atrocity on Calth: +

+ Very pleased with him so far, thought he'll be waiting a while to see paint. He's built from a Grey Knight terminator torso, Invicatrius head, power pack and forearms matched to Terminator arms, and the legs from the Cataphractii Praetor set. I'm not sure where the cape is from, though the piece across the shoulder pad and front is greenstuff. +


  1. Young Holion is one of my favorite miniatures ever, so very much looking forward to seeing how you paint his older self!

    1. Cor, thanks very much :)
      I made sure to include a little shield to see if I can reproduce Holion's heraldry. Might be a bit dinky, but it's nice to have a challenge!


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