+ inload: Mustering the Iron Warriors +

+ One of the most rewarding parts of collecting an army is setting it out en masse. I like to do it every so often while I'm painting as it acts to spur me on. +

+ The Iron Warriors have been occupying most of my hobby time recently; so I do apologise for the rather monotone nature of the blog in recent days! +

+ Greenstuff +
+ To step briefly away from the painting of the Iron Warriors, I thought I'd focus on some sculpting work I've been doing. I've added a metal skull (styled after the forthcoming Iron Circle models) to the Conqueror robot:

Not as clean as I'd like, but good practise and a fun challenge for myself. +

+ I've also been working on Erasmus Golg:

Early stages

Shoulder pad and arm basics – to check the pose – plus refinement on the existing greenstuff.

Upper layers of greenstuff and detailing.
+ Not quite finished yet, but this sequence does show the benefit of working gradually over the course of a few days, and stepping away to ensure you're looking at the model with fresh eyes every so often. This is a good way to ensure you're on track with your initial vision. +


  1. This is such an achievement, I didn't realise how many marines you'd made! Golg looks really cool and I'll be watching out closely for his finished version.

  2. Golg stage one: flat base.
    Golg stage two: little bit of base.
    Golg stage three: all the base! ;)

    Setting out your minis like that now and then is really helpfuly I find, bravo. They look ace.

  3. That skull makes such a huge improvement and I am very much looking forward to the Iron Circle.
    The army is looking fantastic - at some point I'll have to dust off my old Iron Warriors as well.


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