+ inload: Return of the Mech +

+ inload: Return of the Mech +

+ Hurrah! Following my plea of April 1st [+noospheric inload+], I've since picked up the 2003 release Necromunda scavvy gang leader, which has let me make a new version of an old favourite of mine:

+ The new version is benefitting from some rather swish new bits, taken from Forge World's Ferrus Manus kit (the servo arm), hands from the space marine scout biker kit, and a backpack from the lovely new Skitarii kit+ 

+ This kit really is a godsend. Loads of lovely bits and pieces; beautifully esoteric weapons and loads of widgets and doobries that are doubtless going to crop up all over the place. As an example, I trimmed the aerial off the side of the backpack to place the servo arm, and used the offcut to add a sensor to the hand-held scanner device. +

+ No techpriest – even one from a down-at-heel world like Cepheus – is complete without a servo-skull, so I'll be continuing to adjust this model over the coming days. +

+ He's forming part of my Coürt of the Sunñe Cyng project on the Ammobunker, and the Skitarii parts are proving very handy indeed for this! Here are some other WIPs from the bench, some of which use parts from the kit to (hopefully) whet your appetite. +

Hypaspist Thingman (left) and Indocksman (right)


'Childeric', the Rubricist

Ouranos, Waterre Fontayne
+ Following some suggestions over at the Ammobunker, I added some more greenstuff work and took the opportunity to give the vox-cast servitor a little ruff and periwig. +


Suber said...

Really tasty minis! Clever use of bits, I like these a lot!

Paint, Pencils & Plastics said...

This crew looks promising! The Rubricist is my favourite.

apologist said...

Cheers guys – keep an eye out today, as 'Childeric' will be posted up in a new inload.