+ inload: 40,000 +

+ inload: 40,000 +

+ This blog is not based solely on Warhammer 40,000, but since that's the universe I dip into most often here, finding Death of a Rubricist at 40,000 views (40,173 at the mo, in fact) is a lovely milestone. It's a good spot for a bit of a review, too. +

+ Firstly, thank you. I started the blog in September 2013 as a place to essentially gather my thought and centralise a lot of ideas that I had scattered over a lot of different discussion fora and notebooks. It's since grown to be the place I post most of my work, and it's very rewarding when I see the viewcount go up and – best of all – comments, ideas and critique from those of you out there. You'll also spot that seventy-eight people are following along – again, thanks very much for joining me on this rather discursive blog. +

+ The first inload set out the first tentative ideas for what has developed into the Court of the Sun King project which I'm working upon now. Every so often, I pop back to it to keep me on track as the project grows. +

+ The most viewed inloads seem to be an eclectic mix of painting tutorials, basing comparisonsgaming campaign background and odd musings about pencils; while the most comments come on inloads ranging from background stories, future plans, Primarch conversions, and – probably of little surprise, given their role in the 40k galaxy – Space Marines. +

+ The Vessel of Ages MMXIV +

+ A few months back, in the hundredth inload, I posted up an idea for the Vessel of Ages, a sort of ongoing invitational that proposed readers:

1) Build and paint a single model – anything at all, from a starship to a lost villager – to personify your blog. Have fun working out what your blog would be if it were a miniature. Post it up to your blog and share the fun! 
2) Pick a blog that you follow and create a model to personify that blog – again, work out what that blog would be if it were a miniature. Once you're finished, please get in contact with the blog's owner(s) and send it over in the post as a gift to the community.
+ Well, that kind of got lost a bit in the background, but I thought I'd resurrect it for those of you who would like a go before the year's out. To show that I'm playing the game, I finished the figure to personify Death of a Rubricist – the Rubricist himself: +

+ Next up, I need to take on part two of the Vessel of Ages, and I thought I'd invite readers to nominate the blog I should try to characterise – please add your nomination in the comments, and I'll try not to embarrass myself in the execution... +

+ Anyway, enough self-absorbed burblings. You're probably still sick of 'em from post one hundred, which wasn't too long ago! I hope that this blog continues to be of interest and use to you. Do let me know what you'd like to see more of, less of, or if you have a particular idea for a model or project you'd like to see. I always love hearing new ideas from you guys and girls. +

+ Thank you again. +


Sheep said...

Congrats mate, I've followed your work since the haydays of Warseer, and it's gone from strength to strength, look forward to the next 40000 views worth of content from you. Its always inspirational.

And I'd like to see you do a miniature representing one of Migsula's blogs, iron sleet, legion of plastic, or one of his myriad of logs on Dakka dakka, and other forums.

JimmyGrill said...

Interesting challenge!

I vote for Opus Maius or Ex Profundis.

Lasgunpacker said...

Congratulations! Your work is excellent, which is of course the main reason for the hits.

And if you want an easy blog... what is easier than a "lasgunpacker"? ;)