+ inload: Scrying the future +

+ inload: Scrying the future +

+ The Coürt of the Sunñe Cyng project is building up a good head of steam now, and I'm really enjoying the freedom to work on pretty much anything that catches my fancy that evening. This applies as much to painting techniques as it does to writing; and to modelling and sculpting as to simply picking up a lovely model I've had lurking for years! + 

+ I'm very pleased (and slightly startled) that this blog is coming up to 40,000 views – I think it's likely to tip over this week. I've been wracking my cogitators to think of something to mark the occasion, but any ideas are welcome. +

+ In the meantime, rather than look to the past, here are a few upcoming models that'll hopefully be appearing over the next few weeks. +

+ A mixed hand +

+ A largely unrelated group of figures, from officers of the law to street gangers. +

+ From left: Palas se Dhangar, offworld abhuman (Dorin Antrum); Thorna Tempest, Colour bearer of the Blenheim 2014th Regiment of Foot; Vanya de la Oawadh, Vidame of Yndbürch; Ombudsman Oswalk Aryas, Thief-finder. +

+ Mysteries of the Mechanicus +

+ More to come in a future inload on how the Adeptus Mechanicus operate on Cepheus, but here's the first paint. Underscribe Ferlinghetti has joined this group, and the orange is already an improvement on the previous hood, I think. +

From left: Hypaspist Thyngmanne Mu-niner-niner; Underscribe Ferlinghetti; Magos Dru Züborg, Emissary of Marathon; Hypaspist Dependex-headsman Chi-three-one; Magos Titus Manderghast.


+ A query +

+ A reply to my previous inload from Odie suggested that I consider putting hte Sunne Cyng saga together as a playable campaign. It's an intriguing idea, so I thought I'd ask if there's any interest in that? +


crazybaldhead said...

Vanya de la Oawadh, Vidame of Yndbürch

crazybaldhead said...

Sorry about that. Trouble posting the comment.

My question was what model/conversion did you use/make for her? She's overloaded with character!

apologist said...

Hey CBH, no worries. The figure's from Freebooter miniatures, I think. I bought it a long time ago (probably the best part of a decade!), and I'm not sure it's still available; though it's probably worth trawling their website. The only conversion work is a little greenstuff to fill the wing holes on her back.

Dai said...

Good to see Judge Minty making an appearance! Very interested to see what you do with him.