+ Sun King initial build +

+ inload: Death of a Rubricist II: Coürt of the Sunne Cyng + 

+ The inaugural inload of my blog began:
A group of the displaced, moving during the autumn from ruined dwellings/workplaces. Nominally under the auspices of the Rubricist, who warrants a minor bodyguard supplied by the local watch.

+ Here are the initial stirrings of a project a while in the making! +

+ Here's a closer look at the chap on the right, who is probably the most interesting conversion (at least at the moment). +

+ I want to reinforce the non-military nature of this disparate group (not least so the later 'fighters' stand out), so the plasma pistol will be replaced with an electrolumen, candle or flaming brand; something non-military, at any rate. Perhaps a quill? +

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