+ inload: Above all, be careful what you think, because your thoughts control your life +

+ inload: Above all, be careful what you think, because your thoughts control your life +

+ With a big game between Eldar and Chaos Daemons approaching (The Doom of An-Angau), my friend Bob Hunk and I had a game to shake some of the rust off our 40k knowledge and learn a bit more about the Eldar Codex. +

+ This meant digging out Kelmonyr's Last Avowal to give a bit of polish to appraise the force and see what remains unfinished from the Frigia campaign. I'd put the army away with a vague sense of displeasure with the painting; so I was pleasantly surprised to see that things weren't as bad as I'd remembered. There's plenty unfinished, but that which is complete looks nice and striking. I think a few hours work – mainly on finer details and markings, which is the part I enjoy best – will go a long way to improving the overall feel of the army. +

+ Here's a pair of guardians, converted from jetbike rider torsos (these footslogging Guardians donated their own torsos to the jetbikes, which I hope to show in a future inload), High Elf archer legs and arms and heads from the standard sprue. This was intended to give them a nice ice-world feel and a distinctive silhouette. +

+ Not a huge amount to say about these beyond that I'm pleased with the colour harmonies and balance on the paint scheme, and am inordinately fond of the spotty pyjamas that they're sporting under the robes! A nice simple idea that somehow feels very appropriate. +

+ The new Wraithguard are great models, and typical Jes Goodwin designs in that they reward both a quick paintjob and a more considered scheme. They've got a lovely silhouette. +

+ The big fix for this army will be the bases, I think. They're a perfect gaming army for me to practise the bicarbonate of soda snow technique (+noosphericinload: CXI for a tutorial +) upon, and I think I'll use some new grass tufts I picked up from Gamer's Grass – along with a review. + 


LegioCustodes said...

Excellent stuff mate, I love the pastel yellow, what technique are you using for it?

apologist said...

Thanks! It's fairly simple – white undercoat, then a layer of the new Bad Moon Yellow equivalent, Yriel Yellow. Once dry, wash that with Gryphonne Sepia (or preferably, send the pot to me :D). Allow that to dry, then overlay Yriel Yellow, adding in Vallejo White for highlights as you work towards the light source.

LegioCustodes said...

Many thanks.... I shall definitely be stealing...um...borrowing that formula!!