+ inload: Iron Hands Clan Trago +

+ inload: Iron Hands Clan Trago +

+ I took my Iron Hands force, under the command of Psi-Cursed Medardus, out for a game at the weekend. They're a nice little army of 1000pts, with two Troops, two HQs, a Heavy Support and an Elites slot. +

+ Built from a combination of the latest GW plastics and Forge World's excellent upgrade packs, they're a versatile force which would look right at home in the Age of Darkness as a Horus Heresy-era force, as I've had lots of bits left over from building my Ultramarines. +

Tactical Squad

Tactical squad – one combat squad is modelled using their combat knives in close.
Venerable Dreadnought, built from all manner of bits and pieces!
Devastator Squad, with Eldar-punishing heavy bolters

+ The leaders are a Clan-Commander built using the recent Mail Order exclusive as a basis; and my favourite bit, the floating 'Magneto' Librarian. +

Clan Commander Waysmith 
Psi-cursed Medardus
Whole army

+ I'm also open to selling a couple of individual models – contact me if you're interested in these. +


Joe McMahon said...

Really love the look of this of this force and if I had the space (too many toy soldiers of my own to deal with atm)and £200 spare would have snatched it up in an instant. However I was wondering if I could buy one of your tactical marines (mr respirator specifically) from you?

apologist said...

Hey Joe, I'm afraid I'd like to keep these together, but do let me know if you'd me to make you a tactical marine with a similar respirator – I'm quite open to little commission projects; and you'd be able to pick the Chapter/pose you want.

Joe McMahon said...

Thats okay, thought I'd ask anyway. Will probably take you up on that offer sometime as that be awesome. Thanks