+ inload: Progress +

+ inload: Progress +

+ Still WIP, but quite a bit more done last night. I'm using inks for the first time in ages, and really enjoying the effect and process. The underscribe above (wait, what?) has received a third colour scheme change – and is likely to receive another, as he's just not working – but the mustard-yellow robe is going to stay. I think it provides a nice backing with the roll of paper, which I've built up from a grey-purple base as a complementary contrast. +

+ The rich deep tones of the robe are so much easier to produce using inks, and they give a really worn-in sense of age and dirt, which is perfect for the underrobe. The base is an experiment in inks, too. I textured it with one of GW's texture paint Mourn Mountain Snow (but it'd be cheaper and just as easy with sand and PVA), which I then painted bright orange. Over this I worked in a mucky mix of Spearstaff Brown (or whatever the modern equivalent's called) and sepia ink, which has given it a lovely satin sheen, perfect for wet mud. +

+ The astropaths continue apace. Not a great deal of difference to Mercurial, aside from more work on metals (brown undercoat, silver layer and wash of Gryphonne Sepia) and his staff. These little changes do make a nice difference, though. I've done the same to 'Bobe' Vlajna, but also added some freehand embroidery work. I took the inspiration from Romanian stitch designs, for reasons discussed in my previous inload. Annoyingly, Romanian embroidery tends to be red, white and black, so I rather missed a trick! +

+ Nictwacce +
+ ...and finally, for now at least, the 7 of Suns, Cyprian Northgrass. Interrogator Cyprian Northgrass. +

+ There's a few points of interest on him like the Día de Muertos decoration on the skulls, but they'll wait for a proper update. He needs 'griming up' to fit in with the rest of the project, but thought you might like a pic or two of the base layers. +

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