+ inload: Brother Carmadas +

+ inload: Brother Carmadas +

+ 'Belligerent, bullheaded, and with considerably more courage than judgement. It is my estimation that the selectee will either be fêted in Remembrances as a hero of the Imperium, or throttled by his instructors in short order.' So began the recruiting officers rather mixed report on Carmadas being selected as a potential aspirant from the paradise planet Dewfall. 

+ As events transpired, Carmadas proved to be able to rein his temper into check, and became a valued member of the specialised assault formations brought into the Legion in the closing years of the Great Crusade. A natural daredevil with an anti-authoritarian streak, Carmadas came to recognise his shortcomings and – with only the occasional intervention of the Legion's officers – channelled his choleric disposition into being a first-class soldier. 

+ Carmadas is marked out as a Vanguard veteran by his white-faced helm, though the number of honorific Legion symbols (granted as marks of approval after successful void-assault missions) would give away his courage and service even were he to appear bare-faced.

+ Note the inverted Legion symbol on his belt buckle. This was a personal addition to his heraldry added during the hundred days of penitence following his censure during the Abraxine Exterminations. When kneeling in penitence, his head bowed, Carmadas would be confronted with the symbol of his Legion and Primarch in the correct alignment. Captain Yndris, then his commanding officer, allowed it to persist past the hundred days – though his private memoirs indicate he held suspicions that Carmadas' out-of-character request had been equally tongue-in-cheek as genuinely contrite.+

+ This image draws particular attention to Carmadas' choice of equipment, a Tigrus-pattern power glove and Mars IV chainsword. Note the red and white chequerboard effect, a common weapon-casing decoration in the Legion.

+ His shoulder pad is draped with the remains of a back banner; a memorial to his original squad leader Sergeant Rercin, killed during the tunnel fighting following the Calth Atrocity.+

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Drone 21C said...

Checks on the power fist are really nice. All these ultras feel just strange enough to be from the Heresy period. I think sometimes Heresy armies are just 40k marines in funny armour. These are something different, from a different time. Great stuff.