+ inload: Roberto +

+inload: Roberto+

+ All this grim darkness and oppressive regimes get tiresome sometimes, so here's a fun little figure from Armorcast*. He's not currently available, but I think he emerges, along with some other familiar characters, around Christmas. Keep an eye out if you want one.+

+ He's a good example of a very quick, simple paintjob. This is just a base of Solar Macharius Orange, with a few different washes and details picked out.

+ The figure came in three pieces, I think – body, neck and head (the latter two on a sprue). He went together nice and quickly, and was a fun little side project.+

+Noospheric inload path: http://armorcast.com/store/index.php?cPath=116_177


Goblin Lee said...

Cool miniature, well painted. :)

Drone 21C said...

You need a Zoidberg. "Hooray I'm helping"