+ inload: The Glory of Macragge +

+ inload: The Glory of Macragge +

+ Banners and standards are something that I always disliked when I played 3rd edition Warhammer in the late 80s and early 90s. They were a faff to paint, always seemed to snag, and toppled over all the time. On top of that, 8-year old me didn't understand why someone would carry a flag instead of a sword...

+ Fast forward twenty years or so, and I really love the concept of flags and banners. They're fun to paint, give great opportunity for details and freehand, and really help to sum up the character of the force they're leading. In the grim darkness of the far future, where the combatants are carrying death rays and megacannons, they're a wonderfully dissonant image that helps to evoke the faded grandeur and lost majesty of the age.

+ They still fall over all the time, though!+

+ My Sons of Horus force had lots of flag banners scattered about. They didn't count as anything, but I really loved how the deep threatening red contrasted with the green of the armour. With the release of Forge World's Horus Heresy series of books, the Legion Astartes list has banners included as items of wargear. 

+ I've based the ones for my Ultramarines on those borne by Roman signiferi, the Legionaries who were singled out to carry the various standards and flags for the Legion. The new marine here carries a squad symbol made up from various icons, rather than a fabric banner (which I'll save for the Legion or Company standard). This approach should make the squad standard bearers stand out without drawing too much attention away. 

+Because I can paint them with the same gold scheme  as the armour, they should fit in nicely. The top of this particular one is taken from a Rogue Trader-era Squat standard bearer – one of the things I love doing with pre-Heresy marines is nodding back to the imagery of the game when I first started playing, and marrying that to the most up-to-date miniatures I can make. It provides a fun dissonance between the new stuff and the old stuff, both of which have bits I love and bits of which I'm not so fond. The bottom part and the arm are from the Space Hulk Librarian. +

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