+ inload: Black Ulixis +

+inload: Black Ulixis+

It was then, I think, that I began to realise I hated him. Forgive me my choler. This vessel; my cradle... [excursus] my cold, cold cradle – is of steel and glass. There is scant comfort there, and no escape from my meditations, [excursus] my thoughts – upon what is to become of me. 
[excursus] To what can a posthuman aspire, when he is deprived of that post-human body? What does a man become, when he is entombed in a cradle of steel and glass? 
I digress. Things are different now. It was then, after I had awoken and felt the cold clutch what remained of me, that I began to hate him.  
But he remained... [excursus] he remains – my commander. He is my point of reference. And I will serve him.
– Brother Lacrimans, extract from the Colloquies of Ulixis, primer by the memorist Hansa.

+ I dug out a few bits last night and began to see how they'd work together. The head is looking promising, I think. The neck needs bulking up, and I'm tempted to add an eyepatch or somesuch, as discussed in an earlier post.

+ The torso is ProCreate over a plastic marine torso and back. It needs tidying up and smoothing, ready for the addition of a large robe/cloak. 

+ The neck is trimmed from a plastic marine head, and the head itself is the bare-headed option from Privateer Press' third version of Vladimir Tzepesci. It's not yet fixed in place, as I may well rethink the legs and general pose – this was really just an experiment to see if the scale worked.

+ The legs are from Space Hulk. I think these are taken from the marine with a heavy flamer. I've trimmed off most of the obviously Blood Angels insignia, but need to do filling and detail with greenstuff. Since the legs will show under the cloak, this is where the majority of the detail should go, I think.+

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