+ inload: Flight One +

+ inload: Flight One +

+ An even worse pun than usual in the title today, as it's referring both to a completed model and to a skirmish level concept I'd like to start sketching out. On the plus side, at least I'm not subjecting readers to the inevitable 'Flight of the Valkyries/Apocalypse Now' puns* that accompany images of Imperial Guard Valkyrie transports.

 + I'm in two minds about the Valkyrie model. On the one hand, it's a nice chunky model that goes together very nicely. It's got some cool options and some lovely subtle touches. On the other hand, it's massive, something that is only emphasised by the huge oval base and ugly plastic flying stand.+

+ In terms of realism, it's probably a fairly reasonable size for a flying personnel carrier, but in 40k terms it really dominates the table, to a much greater extent than most tanks (which I'm led to believe are much smaller than their real world equivalents). This scale problem doesn't bother me particularly, but it was the first model I've built that made me really feel 6 x 4ft tables were too small.

+ As it's (in background terms) part of the Guard deployment, rather than an attached Imperial Navy craft, I've used the same scheme as my tanks. It painted up very nicely and quite quickly, too.+

+ Walt and Iax, pilots. Note the kill markings by Walt's nameplate and the personalised helmets. The freehand was rather sketchily done – I never get as enthused over vehicles as infantry, and unfortunately I think it shows!


+Concept inload+

+ Flight One – Isstvan aftermath +

+ I've been reading up about the Salamander Legion recently, and have an itching to build a couple. I thought I might scratch the itch for them and some Iron Hands by building an ad-hoc squad of survivors from the Isstvan Dropsite Massacre; with a view to using them in skirmishy games, but mainly for display. Here's a list of the characters I have loosely in mind, with apologies to TV Tropes and Kurosawa!

  • The Hero – A Salamander trooper
  • The Lancer – Raven Guard marine
  • The Big guy – Salamander heavy weapon operative
  • The Smart Guy – Alpha Legionnaire
  • The Old Guy – Iron Hand
  • The Young Guy – Salamander
  • The Funny Guy – Salamander

* Bugger.


  1. The idea of games with a small group of survivors of the Isstvan Dropsite Massacre is the best one I've ever heard for Heresy games. It would work brilliantly with the old Inquisitor rules. The loyalist players would be at first thinking that they'd just be fighting other marines to get to safety but the GM could introduce all kinds of chaosy surprises The lmperial players would have same nasty shocks as the survivors in the books. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

    1. That's a very cool idea – and one that's got me thinking! Keep an eye out for some skirmishy ideas :)


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