+ inload: Painting the Manifest Law +

+ Painting Ipsus Granicus +

+ Following the same approach as for Senex Codommanus [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], I've been gradually working my way over a pair of Warlords for Legio Nikator. +

+ Preparations for the Halicarnas Campaign continue. Three Legios have now pledged to walk, and more are potentially coming. Above is the Ipsus Granicus at the start of the evening, around 8.30pm; and below you can see the result at 10ish. It's sometimes surprising what a difference a couple of hours can make; which only adds support to the idea that fifteen minutes a day can really help cut down on your backlog. +

+ Using a fairly scattergun approach, I've really enjoyed hopping from area to area, swapping between laying down base coats and detailing whenever I felt my enthusiasm dip. + 

+ With the Halicarnas campaign [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] kicking off this weekend, I've been trying to balance speed and effect. These are, after all, expensive models, and I want to enjoy painting them. I've therefore concentrated on getting the base and upper carapace done, as these are the most obvious areas in play. +

+ I've really been going for it with a meaty, painterly approach to the application. I want this to look like a vintage oil painting – broken lines, deep contrasts, and moody atmosphere. The image above shows two white areas – one weathered (carapace), the other (arm plate) with just a basecoat. +

+ Still a bit unsure about the balance of colours used here – I think there's too much of the blue accent – but that's the joy of this exploratory approach: you can simply overpaint and carry on. This balancing and rebalancing builds up depth of tone and really gets you involved in the practical flow of painting, rather than getting analysis paralysis. +

+ Compare the Titan's lower left leg in the image above with the one further up – you'll see I bisected the blue side with an orange area to help reduce the blue impact. +

 + From this angle, the white and orange looks right to me – and it's worth noting that this stage is early days. I think it'll be okay to field, but if I can get some more done it'll be vastly improved. +

+ Not least to add is a macro-Gatling blaster that arrived yesterday (along with a quake cannon and a squat). I was a bit concerned the resin cannon would feel odd or not fit quite correctly, but it's virtually perfect. Nice one Forge World! +


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