+ inload: Kill Team Clawthorn completed – part II +

+ Brother-sergeant Todros Aldin +

Aldin had been promoted mere months prior to the start of hostilities, and was freshly returned from a stint in the Tyrant's Legion when he was given squad command. Distant, arrogant and aloof, Aldin drew together his squad based purely on observed ability. His lack of interest in his warrior's personalities led to a team that was as fractious and argumentative as it was capable. He was isolated and overwhelmed in combat by a Kill Team of Novamarines during the Xet Offensive.

+ Squad 6 is Kill Team Clawthorn's designation. The Astral Claws had quite an unusual organisation, with a 'normal' Chapter, a fleet-based shadow Chapter, and the Astartes of the Tyrant's Legion; a sort of hybrid PDF in which Lufgt Huron hid more Astartes assets. Rather than a dedicated permanent group, I decided Clawthorn would be an operational command; drawn mostly from Aldin's squad (number 6), but with the potential to include other specialists he requisitions. +

+ The huge axe draws the eye, but the figure has plenty of other bits going on. I was sorely tempted to use a more unusual helm, but wanted to leave some design space for a potential Commander expansion in the future. +

Vici – 'I conquered', his bolter proclaims. Clearly he's confident! +

+ Brother Nmamde Kain +

Excelling in every aspect of fieldcraft and warfare, Kain seemed destined for greatness. Welcoming the Tyrant of Badab's ambition and vision, he threw himself whole-heartedly behind his master with the fervency of the fanatic. Deadly, but not cruel; and fierce, but not dishonourable, Kain was an exemplar of the Astral Claws – and an bitter example of the double loss the Imperium faced when they drove the Secessionists to rebel.

+ I'm pleased with the green lenses. I added a very subtle amount of reflected light to the reflective silver around them, just to help them pop. +

The studded pauldron's the best bit here, I think. I took a leaf from my Iron Warriors in incorporating a broad stripe of colour – blue in this case – down the centre. This sets off the metal bonding studs nicely against the metallic background. +

+ Well-equipped: in addition to a rope and standard frag grenades, he carries some more exotic grenades (from Victoria Miniatures). +

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