+ inload: Adeptus Titanicus – Senex Codomannus +

+ Old Spiteful – Senex Codomannus +

+ Brooding, surly and recalcitrant, the Codomannus is the last remnant of Legio Nikator's original Titans; the remainder being lost in battle, laid to rest, or ritually dismembered to provide parts for others during the lean days of the Masscal campaigns. +

+ Dramatis Personae: the crew of the Senex Codomannus +

+ Granted the honorific Senex to mark its age and significance, the Engine is more often known as 'Old Spiteful' to its enemies, owing to its dogged pursuit of exclusionary kills. The Codomannus' machine spirit is wary and suspicious, and highly demanding of its crew. +

+ The current Princeps is Teutates Polassar, a senior Princeps who habitually leads battlegroups of the Legio in their walks. +

+ Gaunt, balding and unprepossessing, Polassar has a keen eye for weakness – both in his prey, and in his crew – and a ruthless streak well-suited to the belligerent Reaver Battle Titan. +

+ Adept Xhao Non, Enginseer Primus, has attended Codommanus for a decade, serving well under Polassar's direction. +

+ Like all of Sumer-Nikator's techpriest caste, Non spends an enormous amount of time on neo-cartomancy, relying on scryservitors and withinlookmen underlings to influence and enhance his practical duties +


+ Painting Senex Codomannus +

+ What a treat! I loved the original Reaver model, and when the 28mm scale Reaver came out, I nearly buckled. I couldn't justify the expense, however, so my plans for colour schemes and decorations have sat for the best part of ten years. When the new version of Adeptus Titanicus was released, I couldn't wait for the Reavers – and was not disappointed. Really beautiful kits, and very enjoyable to paint. +

+ The overall idea was to use a very painterly approach, crashing together some different periods of history to give a sense of continuation. +

+ Mediaeval Byzantium gave me the inspiration for the emblem on top. I'll likely add a scroll beneath with the Titan's name, just to finish it off. My initial plan for the Legio was to use terracotta and turquoise, but here the turquoise is relegated to the devotional scene on the carapace. I've painted this quite softly using a fairly high key as I didn't want the decoration to be the focal point – just another decoration on this ancient beast. +

+ The later Middle Ages gave me another source of inspiration, and this sort of design (based on heraldic 'counter-ermine fur') pops up here and there over the Titan. It's relatively simple freehand; requiring careful placement more than anything. +

+ Some large areas of white were added, as the terracotta/orange was far too dominant. These were weathered with a combination of inks and flow medium; heavily applied, then lifted away selectively with a dry brush to create the patination and drip patterns. +

+ I wanted to keep some bold areas of colour, so I have kept most of the decoration to the lower legs – after all, that's the bit that the enemy will mostly see. However, that'd look a bit dull from above – which the players of the game will see – so I added some detail here, too. +

+ There are a few refinements I'd like to tackle at a later date – the scroll work I mentioned above, weapon banners and general refinement, but I think Old Spiteful is ready for war. +


  1. The art work on the panels look awesome!

    1. Cheers. Surprisingly simple – just basic shapes.

  2. Outstanding. Really impressive :O :O

  3. You have a really unusual painting style for titans and it's just the best. This beast really looks to me like it's emerging from the haze & smog of Too Many Explosions for Millenia and I love it. Not to disrespect anybody else's titans, everybody paints their toys the way they want - but yours is my favourite.

    1. That's really very kind. I think developing your own style is really important for enjoyment; and it's where I find the most creativity. I used to strive and struggle to get a clean 'photographic' effect, but when I started embracing a painterly, impressionistic style, I found myself enjoying my hobby far more.

      I still regard myself as a journeyman painter, but I'm enjoying exploring my own little corner of the hobby on my own terms. :)

  4. Brilliant. I love this gritty medieval style for the titans--very well done.

    1. Thanks very much – I think the monumental size and religious aspect of Titans is (surprisingly) easy to overlook. Legio Nikator treats 'em like cathedrals.


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