+ inload: Rumours of Epic Horus Heresy +

+ Silver Stars and Tiny Titans +

+ Epic-scale Silver Stars +

+ Murmurs from the warp (or that is, the reliable rumourmancer 'Chapter Master Valrak', suggest that a new edition of Epic is coming out. We've also seen some interesting phrasing in recent Warhammer Community articles [+noosphericexloadlink emebdded+] about the Warlord Titan – though that might be wishful thinking... In any case, the rumours point to Epic being the 'big thing' for the latter part of this year, following the release of 40k's 10th(!) edition. + 

+ Regular inloaders will know something about the 6mm scale really catches my imagination, and Epic: Armageddon is my favourite game. The new edition will supposedly be based in the Horus Heresy. I'm a little disappointed that we won't see Eldar and Orks and the rest (at least at first), but you've got to start somewhere. The popularity and distinctive colour schemes of Space Marines makes them an obvious way for Games Workshop to test the waters. +

+ Probably just as important as those factors, is cost-saving and risk-management. The civil war setting means the same models can be used on both sides – exactly as they are in Adeptus Titanicus. +

+ I am excited to see a new generation of Epic-scale miniatures. The technology and engineering skill now on show means that any new models – and by the Omnissiah let's hope they're plastic – should be stunning. +


+ Revenants in Adeptus Titanicus +

+ And since it's looking unlikely we'll have small-scale xenos any time soon, I'm sure the hobby community will be cracking on with making their own. The inimitable Lucifer216 has kindly sent me a shipment of Revenant Titans – I'm looking forward to building these and trying out the playtest rules we've been working on. +

+ You can find the playtest rules for the Revenant in this inload [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. +


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