+ Collecting Titan crew +

+ On Long-Range Sensors + 

+ White whales, holy grails... We've all got that one figure that we've been after seemingly forever. Perhaps it's nostalgia for a particular model that got you into the hobby, finishing off a particular set, or perhaps it's as simple as the model going out-of-print before you could find a copy. +

+  In my case, I've been collecting Titan crew from Forgeworld for fifteen years. Aside from these models, I'm not really much of a collector per se – I'm usually far too ready to chop things up! This range, however, is small enough that it's been quite fun hunting them down, and I've kept them largely unconverted. You can read a bit more about the others in the range here: [+noosphericinloadlink embedded++

+ As you've probably guessed, I've managed to lay my hands on two of the outstanding figures – quite literally 'outstanding', as they're the two crewmen that stand on the upper deck of the Warbringer Titan. They're both rather lovely figures, packed with character. They came ready-assembled and primed (beggars can't be choosers), but certainly appear to be genuine, rather than recasts. +

+ As you'll spot above, they'll need a little cleaning up and prep-work – the casting gate is still present on the right-hand figure's shoulder, for example – but given how rarely they come onto the market (not surprising, given the fact you normally need to buy a £950(!) Titan to get them), I'm happy to do a little additional prep. +

+ Listed simply as 'Officer' and 'Servitor' in the instructions for the big model, it's a little unclear which crew members they're meant to represent (or perhaps they're simply being transported?) Personally, I'm choosing to interpret the right-hand figure as one of the Moderati of the Titan. Adeptus Titanicus has lovely schematics of the various Titans that list the crews (an example through this link: [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+]. These mention specific roles that the Moderati have like Sensorius, Tacticarus etc. +

+ Since these two seem to have lots of range-measuring devices, we assume they're something to do with directing the targetting of the Warlord-weight weapon on the top of the Warbringer-Nemesis. Not being designed for this sort of weapon, perhaps the Titan's head doesn't have physical space or the right equipment, necessitating a Moderatus to stand to? Who can say? +

+ Painting-wise, these will join the Legio Sumer-Nikator (Sons of the Temple). Having gone to the bother of collecting them all, it seems silly to split them up! +

+ These were the models I was most keen on getting. The others in the collection are mainly the seated models, which I'm not quite so interested in. Having said that, if you know of a Titan crew model that you can't see either here or in the earlier inload, do let me know – these figures are quite hard to find pictures of online. +

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