inload: Eldar Titans and Ork Gargants

+ Eldar and Orks for Adeptus Titanicus +

+ Rules, playtesting and a plea +

+ With v0.4 of the document up and ready on the files section [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+], it's now out there for you to playtest. If you have any feedback, ideas, questions or critique of the Eldar Phantom and/or  Ork Gargant rules, please post them up on the Facebook group [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+], or as a comment below. It's particularly helpful if you've had a chance to playtest them live, as it were, to experience them in the round. +

+ Likewise, if you've built or painted any Eldar Titans or Ork Gargants, I'd love to see them – it'd be great to feature them on the blog, or use them in this Eldar and Ork expansion. +


+ Models +

+ Rules are all very well, but models are what this is really about. With all these xenos popping up, it's looking like it's time for a Great Crusade, right? +

+ What little painting time I've had recently has been concentrating on the Catachan guntruck thingie, but I have been able to build and undercoat the Revenant Titans above (and below). +

+ They are 3D prints, and a very kind gift from PCRC stablemate Lucifer216. The kits went together very smoothly, and I've based them on 60mm rounds – I toyed with 80mm bases (like Warhounds), but the lithe alien war engines just looked utterly lost. +


+ While we're talking about building, my brother sent over the WIP pictures of the Gargants he and his boys made – thought I'd share them here so you can see the materials and ideas that went into them. +

+ The rear shot shows some neat little details – I particularly like the use of the Genestealer cult Goliath drill-shield thing as the rear balcony. +


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