+ inload: Blood Angel remnants +

+ Those left behind +

+ Lurking at the bottom of the box in which I store my Blood Angels army [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+] are a few figures which were unfinished when I sent them off to be displayed in Warhammer World. For the most part, they're addenda to the main army – that is, they weren't amongst the models as the army appeared in White Dwarf 139 (the theme and inspiration for the force), but have some form of connection. +

+ Pictured here are four figures. The Terminator captain was never part of the army, but the model is inspired by a Rogue Trader-era figure who was part of the original Terminator box release. +

+ Beside him are two lieutenants – these were compulsory in the Rogue Trader army list, though as far as I'm aware, the GW studio army never had them... or did they? If you look closely at the list in WD139, you'll spot that the Lieutenant is present in the army list – but only ever appeared as the driver in the Land Speeder [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]; hence the egregious yellow shoulder pads. +

+ Finally we've got a standard bearer. When I reimagined the apothecary [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+], I reduced the giant banner he was bearing to a back banner. While I think this was the right decision, I also think that banners are a key part of the overall aesthetic, and wanted to include a Ancient – this is the result. I had intended that he carry a large version of Captain Tycho's heraldry, as my version of the model follows the (back-bannerless) artwork. Sadly, blank banners seem to be a bit few and far between these days, so I've instead used one from the Sanguinary Guard kit, which at least is Blood Angel themed. +

+ All are at a fairly basic level. You'll notice that I've completed the bases and faces – a common way I start off, as it immediately makes things feel more interesting to me.


+ Next up are the scouts. These were never shown as part of the army, but were knocking about at the same time, owing to the release of Advanced Space Crusade. I still have a quiet ambition to get that out of the garage and play that some day... And it'd be fun to use original models for it. +

+ Close-up of the faces. +


+ And apropos of nothing beyond having the figures out to photograph, here are some close-ups of some others from the army. +


+ The Mark of Khorne +

+ Finally, I'm very pleased to see Krautscientist return to the noosphere – go check out the ever-entertaining and inspirational Khorne's Eternal Hunt. [+noosphericexloadlink embedded+] +



KrautScientist said...

Aw, man, you are being too kind! Thanks so much for the shout out! And let me just repeat what I've already said elsewhere: That this was actually one of the VERY few blogs that I have tried my best to keep up with during my hiatus. Always a pleasure! :-)

KrautScientist said...

Also, let me just say that this Blood Angels project is just glorious! I was SO chuffed when I saw the army being featured in WD a while back. Such a brilliant celebration of a classic 2nd edition army, while the true beauty is how you have managed to create a force that has all the hallmarks of "modern" 40k models while also establishing a strong look that believabbly places them at an earlier point of the in-universe timeline. Brilliantly meta, too ;-)