+ inload: Tanks across the ages +

+ Armoured Warfare +

+ It's like a psychedelic refight of the Battle of Tallarn on my painting desk at the moment, with tanks of all scales and schemes receiving some attention. +

+ Clockwise from top left, we've got a Silver Stars Predator, a Gatebreakers Land Raider and an Emperor's Children armoured infantry column for the PCRC's 15mm project. +

+ Combining my painting bugbears – tanks and batch painting – proved to be surprisingly productive. Nothing's quite finished, but everything progressed. Sometimes that's all you need to do to get a sense of satisfaction. Above you'll see two Rhinos and a Land Raider. They've received base coats of Screamer Pink covered with Druchii Violet wash, and the 'black' bits are a mix of Incubi Darkness and burnt sienna. The deep green and warm red-brown combine to make a lovely dark neutral. It's just off-black, so you can still shade it. +

+ ...and emerging from the depths of the forges once more is the Gatebreaker Land Raider kindly gifted to me by Warmtamale. The honoured spirit of this ancient beast  has lingered fitfully, half-coloured yellow. I cracked on to get the first layer of green and the metallics to the next stage. +

+ Lots more to do, but given the amount of stowage I've added, there's plenty of fun detail coming up. I'll need to work out what's meant to be in all those boxes! +

+ Lastly, the Silver Stars Predator. There's not a huge change apparent since the last time I posted an update on it, but a surprising amount of ticking around the edges has taken place. +

+ I'm really growing quite fond of the Silver Stars scheme. I managed to find a squad of the new Mark VI Marines that I'll likely paint up to represent the Silver Stars fighting around Coldforge. +


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