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+ The Vrag Rana Kolossan, and other renegades +

A sub-sect of the Vrag Rana, the Kolossan had formed O Colmen Corm's personal bodyguard. Though the bulk died during the Second Invasion, a number of these masterless warriors escaped and came to positions of prominence within the Red Hand. 

Distinguished by crimson armour, the Kolossan were feared and hated by the Imperial invaders, for their resourcefulness and inventiveness as much as their brutality. Serving both as large formations and smaller special forces and honour guard. The sect were frequently deployed as linebreakers for larger Vrag-Rana deployments ahead of major assaults and similar high-importance strategies; and were also used to provide steel to mercenary collations. As a result, they built up a fearsome reputation amongst the line troops of the Augustine Crusade – often their reputation proving as effective as their actual actions.

+ Equid mounts were rare, but well illustrate the resourceful nature of the Vrag-Rana in general, and the Kolossan in particular; using low-tech solutions to continue persecuting Imperial advances without the need for extensive supply lines. +

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+ Vrag Rana frontline forces during the Invasion of Slav-Mundi. Note the presence of Kroot mercanery auxiliary. +


+ In case you've been sheltering under a rock (and in which case, probably a good idea to pick a damp one) it's been very hot indeed recently. Amongst other reasons, painting and general hobbying has been on pause – but while idly flicking through some old pict-captures I stumbled upon a package that I received during lockdown, and had never got round to writing an inload about. +

+ These are Heretics from Reptilian Overlords, a company that sells both stl files and physical prints (as above). I ordered these quite literally years ago, for the Augustine Crusade – they were intended as the Vrag-Rana; the non-Imperial opposing force. Now, I'm very happy to cut Reptilian Overlords a lot of slack – it was, after all, a global pandemic that delayed them being sent out – but I would recommend buying the stls over the prints if you'd like a set yourself. +

+ With the delivery speed out of the way, I have no other complaints. I'm absolute delighted with the quality of the prints; a great balance of flexibility and rigidity that I think will serve them well as game pieces. Everything was packed clearly, and the supports were very well-designed, so clean-up took minutes. +

+ I was determined that these weren't going to lurk unpainted, and so began a giant batch paint of my Vrag-Rana infantry a few months back. I got a bit further than this, but they're still not quite done. More to work on at some point soon, I feel. +

+ The recent release of the Chaos Renegades for Kill Team has reinvigorated my interest in the Vrag Rana; and the idea of having to finish off just a few from the giant batch paint is a relief. Above you can see a couple of specialists that I bought as individuals, purely because I love the models! +


  1. I love RO's work, and the traitor guard in particular! I'm surprised and delighted to see them land on your painting table, excited to see what you do with the throng. Earlier traitors and heretics are looking grand as well.

  2. Ohh, such good stuff! The Kolossan rider is particularly top notch, I love how imposing he looks!


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