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+ A Gathering of Might +

+ A hotch-potch update of what's on the hobby desk. For whatever reason, the hobby butterfly has been fluttering from project to project and not settling. Rather than force it, I've been doing little bits here and there. +

+ Kroot Killteam +

+ I like Killteam, and I like Kroot. With the new kit coming out imminently, I wanted to get ahead of the game and paint up some of these models. In particular, I wanted to make sure I had some kroothounds sorted out, as I'm not so fond of the previewed plastics as the originals. In terms of paint scheme, I'll be going with brown-oranges for the skin. +

+ I'm always a little sad that the Kroot never got a Codex of their own. Brian Nelson's sculpts are stellar, even now; and the background is characterful and compelling. I think the Kroot could have been a wonderful xenos faction all of their own. +


+ Endworlds and the War of the False Primarch +

+ The Gatebreakers haven't had any reinforcements or attention for a long time – back around the dying months of 2020, I think; but in pulling the Silver Stars out of storage for the long-delayed Stage IV of War of the False Primarch, I ended up putting in a little more effort on the Gatebreakers' Land Raider. Not vast quantities of progress, but I have since the picture below developed the base a little. I think this is one of those deceptive projects which is suddenly going to fall into place. We'll see. +

+ ... and last and probably least, I also pulled the Vrag-Rana out into the light, to carry on with the Kill Team vibe. +

+ Lots to work on – to mention nothing of the 15mm Emperor's Children and Salamanders – but perhaps the best idea is picking one and putting away all the other distractions! 

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