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+ inload: Blood Angels Third Company in White Dwarf +

+ What a lovely treat – my Blood Angels are making a splash in the hallowed pages of White Dwarf. Go pick up a copy to feast your eyes on some really lovely pictures of my daubings, which rather flatter the miniatures! My thanks to Dan, Richard and the rest of the White Dwarf team for their kindness, enthusiasm and encouragement. It was a treat to drive up to Nottingham to talk their ears off about the process. +

+ We started discussing this in the dark throes of the COVID lockdown, so it's been quite a while since the army has turned up here on the blog. +

+ In fact, checking back through the archivescreed, I was astonished to see that I'd started building the army way back in M2.000.017 – more than five years ago! The original inload-article is here [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]. The inload there shows how projects can take new twists – in that first inload, I boldly state: 'I'm not going to be obsessive about the army composition. There'll doubtless be a few nods to old models (I'm particularly keen to have a go at updating the proto-Tycho Blood Angels Captain) and the paint scheme, but the force will be a more general homage to the Blood Angels of the time – so tying in bits from the tail end of Rogue Trader through 2nd edition; particularly the artwork.' – while by the time I'd really got stuck into them, I was making not just a specific copy of the army list, but altering the poses to better match the originals! +

+ If you'd like to read through the broader project, the [+ Insphere contentsieve +] search tool in the right column will help you out – enter 'Blood Angels' into the field, and you'll find all the previous inloads that relate to the army. In particular, here's my approach to painting the red I used [+noosphericinloadlink embedded+]+

+ If you'd like to have a go yourself at reinterpreting a project that has particular value for yourself, then I'd thoroughly encourage you to do so. I think everyone has that particular model that has particular nostalgic value for them – and breaking that down and creating your own version is really enjoyable experience. What's yours? Feel free to share in the comments below, or come join me on the +Death of a Rubricist+ Facebook group. +

Brother Engel (Narieal 4:10). The white kneepad is from the old White Dwarf illustration – simply labelled as an 'Honour Marking'. I thought this was fitting for an update of the oldest model in the army.

The original Brother Engel, a relic of the wars of 1991.



Suber said...

Oh, congratulations! That's quite a thing!! Well deserved, no doubt :)

Lasgunpacker said...

Hey congratulations! Let us know which issue so we can seek it out. Your army is lovely (and they all are) so it is great to see that you are being recognized by GW.

Now how about the publication of a War of the False Primarch history book? :)

(Kym) + Warburton + (Classic40K) said...

Brilliant - well done and well deserved.