+ inload: Ultramarine infantry +

+ inload: Ultramarine infantry +

+ Eheu, Fata innatura! June was not a productive hobby month, and July's not shaping up much better. I think it's the heat – makes it far too nice to sit inside and paint. Nevertheless, there are some meagre movements and plans afoot... +

+ The above shows the state of my desk – liberally scattered with Terminator legs and Grey Knight terminator torsos. Eventually, they'll be built up into figures like this chap:

+ This armour variant is likely going to represent a version of Mark III; or perhaps simply an alternative Crusade Armour pattern. Taking a closer look at the big picture above, here are some details and plans. +

+ These legs make a lot of sense to me as some Mark III variant, with their heavy reinforcing plates and rims. The segmented loincloths, while a bit odd, look cumbersome and distinctive, and will look great for Rapier crew. Rapiers are assault guns, so some heavier armour makes sense to protect the marines while they push through tunnels and ship corridors. +

+ These legs will be used for regular marines – the top ones are from Lufgt Huron (leftover from a conversion), while the lower two are from the Death Guard sets. I can't remember off the top of my head whether they're Grave Wardens or the other type, but in any case, I'll be trimming away the chain-loincloth and resculpting the codpiece. This is shown on the lower right. Note that while I've removed the crossed scythes on this set of legs, I've tried to leave the belt plate intact, as it's a nice detail. Bits like this provide some interest without detracting from the uniform feel. I think that can be quite a difficult balance. +

Note studs and banding on knees
+ The Death Guard terminator parts are particularly good as they have additional banding and 'molecular bonding studs' which match the Visions of Heresy artwork a little more closely than both the plastic Terminator legs and the Cataphract/Tartaros legs. +

+ This pict-capture detail shows a Rapier gunner (leftmost legs and torso). It also contrasts a standard marine using Cataphract legs and a 'standard' torso (centre) and one with the new style torso on the Death Guard terminator legs. Note that the rightmost marine combines some of the aesthetic of the older marines in my army:

Note lack of loincloth, and presence of kneepads.
+ ...with some aspects of the newer marines:

+ This should mean that everything blends together visually and coherently, while having enough variation for interest. +

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