+ inload: Tallowland Nomads +

+ inload: Tallowland Nomads +

+ Feral ork from the dark millennium, or proud noble warrior orc of the lamented lost world? (for certain values of noble. And probably scabby and belligerent rather than proud, too.) I'm not quite sure, but he was good quick fun to paint. I've had a pile of around forty Black Orcs lurking in the attic for a couple of years now, following an abortive foray into Warhammer Fantasy. +

+ This fellow was a good excuse to play around with metals, inks and washes. Aside from the skin and a few earthy areas of leather and bone, there's not a lot more to the model than armour plating, so he was a lovely distraction from bigger projects. +

+ Big cleavers benefit from a thick blood spatter – made by roughly stippling dark brown on the blade, then drawing some thick blobs of Blood For The Blood God – a paint with a name so over-the-top that I can't help but love it – across the area, working from the sharp end of the blade backwards. +

+ The back of the model has some nice detailing to the armour. I added some patches of orange to a few recesses in the armour to suggest rust, but most of them have been lost in the sepia ink. I don't think he'll be winning any painting prizes, but a gritty messy look fits my view of the Warhammer World like a (spiky, blood-filled) glove. +

+ I won't wax lyrical about the new version of Warhammer, but will note that (with the caveat that I haven't played a game of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar yet) 
1_ The new setting seems interesting, but I have fond memories of the Old World, and was sorry to see it be supplanted.
2_ I haven't played Warhammer since 3rd edition, and this has got me painting. 
3_ Ease of entry with free, simple rules and no convention on a size of game (hence I can play with just five miniatures to give it a go) has a thumbs-up from me. +

+ In any case, I fancy painting up a few models to give it a try. As I mention, I have a load of orcs that'll let me give it a go, but may well build and paint a few dwarfs, as they were the army I played back in my childhood. +

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