+ inload: A Scyld fit for a Cyng +

+ inload: A Scyld fit for a Cyng +

+ These little chaps arrived over the weekend. Good old dwarf steel (well, tin alloy, anyway) gives them a nice heft, and it put a nostalgic smile on my face to be building dwarfs for the first time in more than a decade. +

+ The sculpting and detail on these is exquisite (I suspect a Colin Dixon sculpt, but would be happy to have that confirmed or corrected), and it almost seems a shame to cover up that beautifully detailed shield with a dwarf personality. In any case I'll be painting these separately from whoever eventually ends up on top, so I'll have a picture or two of the shield before the Chieftain clambers up there. +

+ The model was an ebay score. The figures came with some very gungey glue in recesses (I suspect some sort of two-part glue, like Araldite), which required some careful picking out with a craft knife. Once cleaned up, I trimmed away the tabs and mounted them on an oval base, which I think fits them nicely.+

+ Talking about bases, here's my latest Land Raider, perched atop an MDF base the same size as GW's Knight base. I'm ummed and ahhed about putting tanks on bases before, so it's nice to simply jump in and have a go. This size base is big enough to fit the model's footprint, but small enough that it won't cause movement problems. While it's not really applicable here (since the Land Raider is such a chunky block of a vehicle), having a base is also nice to give something to measure from and towards, rather than the rather vague 'hull'. +

+ Practicalities aside, the main reason I want to give tank bases a go is for aesthetics. It makes things more consistent – flyers and bikes look better for having bases, so it follows that a uniform look will help other vehicles, too. Having it raised by the same amount as the infantry makes sense to me, and I think it's going to allow me to frame the piece a bit more nicely. By that I mean I can set the tank at an angle, or build up the base a little to add some movement and dynamism to the vehicle. For vehicles with more space on the base, there's also the potential for mini dioramas, tyre tracks, corpses, spent ammunition and the like: all grist to the mill of suggesting a live battlefield. +

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